8 Tips to Feeling the Day Again

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What do most people want? 



If you were to ask me that question a few years ago I would have answered with more money.  Today I know that chasing money and things outside of ourselves only leads to a lonely life of emptiness and self-destruction.


Today what I think most people really want is to be happy and to feel good about themselves every single day.  They want to know that their life has meaning and purpose.  They want to have meaningful connections with others and they want thriving relationships.  They want to do work that they love and enjoy.  They want to give their families the very best.  They also want fun, relaxation, simplicity, and more time.  And yes, more money too.  


As humans we were created to fulfil the highest and truest expression of ourselves, so naturally that is a journey of pursuing the next best thing and reaching new levels.  But sometimes while on that pursuit of pursuing the next best thing we miss the mark on the things that truly matter the most.


Looking back, I can see so clearly where I lost my way and how I prioritized things that were outside of me over the love, peace, and contentment within my own heart.  I was only after a better body, more money, and had this constant feeling of “I’ll be happy when I reach this certain goal”, or “I’ll be happy when I look a certain way”, or "I'll be happy when I have this amount of money in the bank."  It seemed like I was always operating from a deficient state of always needing to do more, achieve more, buy more, learn more, and get more, but I was always coming up short. Most of all I was miserable on the inside and wasn't very fun to be around.  For many years all I ever focused on was what was not working, or what else I needed to fix, do, or improve in my own life, and in my opinion that's a sad way to live.


Looking back, I can see how I prioritized work or building my business over my own health and my family.  I was always looking to help or save someone else and in that process I only ended up losing myself more.  While there was this nagging feeling that it felt wrong, I kept going because I thought I had to in order to pay the bills.  I put off joy, happiness, eating, exercise, showers, shopping, celebrating, enjoyment, friends, tv, fun, relaxation, and the things that I truly wanted to do over the things that I “should do” to move my life forward.  I was completely off balance.  It was like a drug addict always looking for their next fix or that next high.  A mind consumed with more, more, more, and a heart filled with discontentment, fear, doubt, insecurity, regret, sadness, emptiness, worry, and shame.


So, when does the vicious cycle stop?  When do you wake up and simply feel the day again and enjoy your life? 


Will it be when you reach that perfect weight, have a certain amount of money in the bank, have that perfect job title, that booming business, and everything is perfect and how you think it should be?  Or is it today? 


Only you get to decide what feels right and best for you.


Here are some of my best tips so that you too can feel at home within yourself and find the peace and joy in each passing day.  Because let me tell you, there will come a time where you sit with yourself and look back on the all the years that just flew buy and you will have wished you could have been more loving, more present, more alive, more peaceful, more happy, more patient, more kind, more gentle, more faithful, more trusting, and more joyful.  I guess in a sense that comes with wanting more.  More of the good stuff!


 1.  Identify if you are operating from your wounded self or a healed 2.0 version of yourself.  If you are operating from a place of hurt, deficiency, not enough, hate, shame, guilt, fear, worry, stress, and regret you will show up to the world differently than if you were to show up as the best version of yourself.  Create that 2.0 version of yourself in your mind today and start showing up as that person now.  When you show up from a healed and whole space, you’re not needing something or missing something, and your life feels even more magical and naturally you will attract more of what you're looking for.  Healing yourself and really working through what hurt you, changed you, or broke you takes time and a lot of patience.  But I like to believe those are also the things that lead to your self-discovery and helped you grow the most in your life.  Honour every part of your life but also know that you owe it to yourself to rise above anything that was put in your path to stop you.


2.  Take care of yourself.  That means really honouring and loving what your body is needing and wanting at the time.  That means listening to those whispers that will make you feel bad when you’re doing something you know isn’t in alignment with what you truly want or is the best for you.  That means eating well, drinking your water, moving your body, getting your sleep, removing toxic people from your life, removing toxic substances from your life, stopping bad habits, staying positive and doing your very best to make yourself the number one priority.  When you take care of yourself and honour your body, you feel good.  When you don't and you are out of alignment you feel bad or guilty.  That love you have for yourself will spill over to your family and those closest to you.  Be an advocate for what you really need.  If you need your space, communicate openly and let those closest to you know that you need space.  If you need sleep, go to bed or take a nap.  If you need help with the kids, ask someone to help you.  If there are people in your life who don’t support you, believe in you and who are not a positive influence in your life they either need to be removed from your life, or you need to create very specific boundaries, and limit your exposure to them.  Your energy, your health, and your life is far too precious and important to let slip away.


3.  Honour your family and make your home a safe peaceful haven.  After you have taken care of yourself first, you take care of your immediate family.  You do the absolute best you can with where you are and you take pride in the fact that you were given this family and that it’s your responsibility to lead this family well.  That means ensuring that all their basic needs are met.  Love, food, clothing, shelter.  At the end of the day your children likely won’t be talking about your body, your job title, or what you chose to do for a living.  They will remember how present you were with them and how much fun they had while they were growing up.  They will talk about how much love filled your home and how you were always there for them.  Ensure that you have your priorities in check.  Ensure your home is clean and taken care of.  God will make room for your dreams and time for you to build them.  You don’t have to sacrifice yourself or your family in order to rise to the next level. 


4.  Let your work and your business go.  That’s right.  Let go and let God.  Sometimes when we cling too tightly to something it prevents us from reaching that next level and most importantly it steals our health and joy.  Who were you before you had to work, make money, provide, and have countless responsibilities.  How happy were you when you didn’t worry or stress about the little things or making money?  How peaceful and energized were you when you weren’t striving and competing?  I’m not saying forget about going to work and sit on the porch all day long and do nothing.  I'm not saying stop aiming to be the best in your field, or running your business like the successful CEO that you are.  You have a huge calling on your life and that calling also requires you to work, serve, create, build, pay your taxes, pay your bills, increase your income, put a roof over your head, be a contributing member of society and make a difference.  What I am saying to do is place the outcome of your survival in the hands of God, or some higher power that you choose to believe in.  Take the pressure off yourself and simply show up to do the very best you can with where you are.  Share your gifts with the world and keep going.  When it comes to a spiritual life you need to know and understand that ultimately everything comes from God and is an extension of God.  A lot of people look for support and stability in things like money or a better job title, but money and a job is something external that can easily be lost, stolen, or be taken away from you.  You never want to put your stability and security in an external source.  You want to put your stability and security in an internal source and your own hands.  If you don’t have God in your life or have built your life upon a solid foundation from within you won't be getting very far.  Having a morning spiritual practice like prayer and meditation is everything.  


5.  Gratitude and love lists.  Every day think about or write down 10 things you are grateful for and 10 things that you love about your life and yourself.  If you focus on what you hate or only think about the things you hate, those things will continue to manifest in your life.  Where you choose to focus, where you direct your energy, and what you think about every day is your life.  Start focusing on the good and make it an intentional daily practice.  Slow down and appreciate the little things in life like the birds chirping in the morning or the beautiful sky.  Have your kids talk about the things they are thankful for, and before bed ask them what they loved about their day or have them tell you 10 things about themselves that they love.  Love is a feeling that comes from within so as you are thinking about these things and writing about these things feel the love in your heart and the emotions attached.  


6.  Stay off of social media as much as possible  and question everything you read or hear.  Also stop watching the news.  Trust me, if there is something important you need to hear about, someone will tell you.  Just because someone posts something on social media or posts something that they think you should do doesn’t mean it’s true or right for you.  Limit your exposure to other peoples lives as much as possible and work on your own life.  Before you start anything, try anything, buy anything, build anything, eat anything, drink anything, take anything, or create anything always ask yourself if this is right and best for you.  You are unique, different, and one of a kind.  What works for you and what is right and true for you will be different than what is right and true for someone else.  Listen to your own self and your own God first before proceeding.   I believe Shakespeare said it best.  To thine on self be true.


7. Stop caring so much about what other people think of you.  Let people think what they want to think or believe what they want to believe about you.  What you know to be right and true in your own heart and soul is everything and what ultimately changes the game of your life.  You are not other people's fears or limitations.  You are not here to people please or conform to other people's rules for your life.  You are not here to be liked by everyone else.  You are not here to just do as you are told and follow the herd.  You here here to fulfil the highest and truest expression of yourself.  Stop worrying about the critics, doubters, and naysayers who are not fulfilling their dreams or doing anything with their life.  Start focusing on the people who need you and love you.  You are here to do incredible things with your life and deserve only the very best that your life force so freely has to offer you.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


7.  Above all else, God.  God wants to be number one in your life and God is within you.  He is not some external source that is outside of you teaching you a set of beliefs that you must follow.  He is not someone who is angry when you "sin" or you don't follow "the rules" like a lot of religions teach.  He is not someone who condemns, hates, or judges you.  He will softly course correct you if you are wrong and teach you how to change your life.  God is within you.  God is that soft little voice from within that has been there your whole life.  God is the voice of love, abundance, truth, beauty, victory, acceptance, and praise.  God wants the victory, and you do too, because you didn't come here to lose or come in last place.


Life will test your faith and put you through the fire and a dark season because that is where you are built to stand, thrive, gain strength, knowledge, wisdom, confidence in yourself, and ultimately learn to believe in yourself and your own divinity.  You put your faith and trust in something bigger than yourself and then you go on and live your life happy, healthy, and free.  If you are ready to reach that next level in your life and be the person that you were created to be and live your life on purpose, then I invite you to join my Life Worth Living Program Today!   Let me walk you through the first 30 days of your life transformation so that you will be set up to win.  Then after that you're on your own.  But as you know, you're never really alone as God is always with you, and with God you can do all the things that only you've been called to do!  Sign up now so you can get the help and support you need throughout your journey!


Have the most beautiful day.  





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