The Window To The Soul

breast augmentation breast explant breast explant surgery breast implant illness explant surgery mommy makeover Oct 10, 2022

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. 


You will be able to tell if your soul is alive or dead on the inside.


Every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I can’t help but thank God.


I remember the day so clearly when I looked myself in the mirror and didn’t notice my own reflection. 


It was like I was someone else, and I looked like death.  It terrified me.


Every day I would put on fake lashes, do my makeup and try anything to make myself feel better, but the problem wasn’t on the outside and no amount of makeup could ever fix it.


My problem was always on the inside. 


It’s been completely fascinating to watch myself return back to the me I lost before I thought I had to be someone else than God created me to be in the first place.


My fake boobs are gone.


My fake lashes are no longer a staple.


Life, love and the sparkle in my eye has slowly been returning, and that feels so good!


On this Thanksgiving weekend I just am so thankful for those people in my newsfeed that I once hated for sharing their truth.


How could I love them or believe them when I was completely consumed with my own darkness?


What I know to be true is those people and those situations in your life that you hate the most, they all play a vital role in your home coming.


They all help lead you back home and in the end all that you’ll be left with is love.


My wish for all of you is that you love yourself enough to fight for yourself, your health, your family…. No matter the cost.


Once you know you’re worth it, you don’t even count the cost.  You just count the blessings.




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