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life transformation love yourself self love self worth Feb 04, 2024

A lighthouse does not go around looking for people to save.  It does NOT spend it's precious time rescuing ships that are about to sink. 



It just stands there and keeps shining.  




This one can be a hard one to wrap our heads around especially since we were taught to always go above and beyond and to be of service to others. 




But not if it's at the expense of our own health and our own family and we are sacrificing our most precious gifts in life.




I know for myself this was a tough lesson to learn. 



Because of how I grew up, and everything I went through in my own life, I wanted to do everything in my power to save them, help them, or fix them.




I needed to learn to let people go.  It is never your job to change, fix, or try to change people.  Your only job is to change yourself first.




You have to know that people need to help themselves first, and no amount of you helping or giving yourself away will in fact change anyone.  



All you need to do is keep showing up and keep shining brightly, and those that are in need of you will find you eventually.



You show up to this world for yourself.  You do work you love because it feeds your soul and gives you energy.  


Your job is not to go around trying to rescue people, for they too have the same higher power within themselves.  Your only job is to change yourself and stand in your glory.  Own it, believe it, claim it, and choose to live your life happily ever after!


Taking care of yourself isn’t something you just do once a week.  It’s a daily thing and it’s a life long commitment to yourself.



Self-respect is the greatest form of respect that you could ever want, need, or ever desire.  When you respect yourself to show up and truly honour yourself the way you deserve, others will respect you.  When you take care of yourself, you will then be able to take care of others.


When you add your own needs, wants, and desires above anyone else’s and make time to do what makes you happy, you are truly honouring the life that was given to you and only you.  It’s not selfish to make yourself a priority, in fact it’s a necessity and by putting yourself first you will then be able to show up fully to the world, then those you love, lead, and serve will also know the importance of true self love and self-care.


So today a few things...


1.  Spend some time enjoying your morning coffee or favourite morning beverage.  Rushing into your day will set you up for failure, stress, and a panic attack.  Easing peacefully into your day will set you up for success.  Spend a few minute appreciating the beauty of nature.  Look out your window, look up at the beautiful sky and just see the beauty and magic that surrounds you. 


2.  Ask for what you need. Needing other people to come to your rescue is a waste of your time and energy.  Be your own rescue and go to your heavenly father and ask for what you need and receive it by faith.  Pray, give thanks, and stay in perfect peace knowing that what you need is on the way.  You will be given ideas of inspiration and then it's up to you to take action.  Know that nothing happens by simply praying, wishing, or hoping for it.  There is also work involved, so if you have a moment of inspiration or an idea come to mind, take immediate action.


3.  Meditate.  Sit and connect with yourself for as little as 5 minutes.  Meditation will give you energy, reduce stress and it's the ultimate anti-aging elixir.  When done properly it will leave you feeling incredible, and 1 hour of meditation is the equivalent to 8 hours of sleep!


4.  Make yourself look and feel your best.  Take your sweet ass time pampering and grooming yourself!  Wear clothes that you love and that make you feel great.   Do your hair and makeup and get yourself ready for the day.  Even if you have nowhere to go, get yourself feeling your best.  Love and nurture your face and body for it's a temple that houses your most precious gifts in life.  Make sure you are eating well, drinking your water, and exercising too!



5.  Be the happiest and healthiest you can be starting right now.  Be loving.  Be patient.  Be exceptional.  Be excited.  Be happy.  Be strong.  Be positive.  Be purposeful.  Be the incredible person you were created to be.  


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