Take Hold of Your Mind

depression inner child healing life transformation meditation mindest mother wound healing spiritual awakening spiritual health Oct 15, 2023


Have you ever wanted a more meaningful, healthier, and happier life but you find yourself on a repeated loop of no results, and no inner peace, or happiness?

Well, you might not see it now, but everything in your life will come full circle, and everything is all working out for your highest good. Sometimes it takes a few trips around the block to finally change directions and choose a new path.

The “back to square one” might take 2 years, or it might take 10 years, but as you journey through your life you will begin to notice patterns that keep repeating in your life.


If you dig deep enough you might even begin to notice that you're not even living your life at all, but you're repeating history, or you're unconciously re-living your mother's life. 


If you don't take hold of your mind and remain in the present moment, you will simply keep repeating the past.  While you might attain a certain level of success, or achieve a certain level of happiness, you will always find yourself limited to some extent until you do the deep inner work to truly heal and restore yourself back to true unconditional love and wholeness.


Turn inward to do this inner work today!

One can keep making the same decisions and choices time and time again like eating unhealthy, hitting snooze, thinking negative thoughts, complaining, blaming others, not saving money, or they can decide to change their ways, and ultimately change their whole life.


In order to transform your life you must change everything that is not serving your highest good.


You must take a new path.


You must make some new choices, take charge over your life, and choose to be victorious.  


You must change your beliefs, change your thoughts, and change your behaviours.

You are always ONE DECISION away from an entirely new life.  


That one decision starts with your very next breath, and it starts by  showing up for yourself and honouring your life the way it truly deserves. 

But know this...


1.  The first decision that you will make is safe, easy, known, and it loops back to the same spot time and time again.  Often times it's rooted in fear and a feeling of not being good enough, and any decision rooted in deficiency, or not good enough will always produce more lack in your life.  

2.  The second decision is new, hard, and will take you to where you want to go. That decision will be rooted in perfect acceptance and worthiness.   It comes from a place of true empowerment and knowing who you are and what you truly deserve.  It will always require you to be different, and do something different. It will require you to rise higher, let something go, love yourself more, and to believe and trust in yourself.

So today examine your own choices and habits.  If you examine all of your "back to square one", ground zeros, or your rock bottoms you'll discover some pretty incredible AHA moments, and that light bulb moment will always teach you something.  


If you want a new life you must become a whole new person with a new mindset, new habits, new choices, new beliefs, new friends, new interests, new boundaries, new environments, and new standards.


Your family needs you happy, healthy, and full of life, and sometimes it's hard to change your life.  


But what's harder?  


Living a life you don’t love or getting up to create a new one?


So do some heart work  today.

What is one decision in your life you are most proud of?  


What is one new decision you are going to make going forward? 


Think about this and write it down.  


Also do these 3 things today.


1.  Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself "I AM PROUD OF YOU".  Stop waiting for others to give you what you could easily give yourself.  Chances are you’ll never get it from the people you are wanting it from, and people won’t always show up the way you had hoped.  Don’t continue to put your self-worth or key to happiness in the pocket of someone else. 


What did you do this past week that was grounded in love? 


What are you doing right now that is amazing? 


List out everything this week that you’re proud of. 


2.  Rate Yourself.  On a scale of 1-10, how did you show up to take care of your health? What about Family/Relationships?  Business/Career?  Finances?  Life/Fun?   Rate yourself and if you’re failing or feel as if you're dropping the ball, that’s okay.  Breathe, give yourself some grace, and be intentional this week and focus in one area of your life to improve on!


3.  Action.  Where are you going with your life?  What do you really want?  What must you do this week to get you a step closer? When will you have it done by?  Set yourself up to win and take a baby step forward simply by taking a minute to know where your destination is.


Turning inward to reflect on your life is the first step to making it magical!  Consistent action, compounded over a period of time adds up to great results in your life. 


You've got this!!  






PS.  You are a magnificent force of creative ideas, energy, and the first step is awareness.



There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You’re not crazy.


You’re not losing your mind.


You’re not a failure.


You are not any of those things. 


You are an incredible human being who is likely just caught up in always doing, and we gotta get you back on that path of gaining momentum and growing in an upward direction again.  So, watch this video and do the work my friend.

There is greatness inside of you just waiting to be given the opportunity to shine.

Find Your Joy Again!

If you spend time on social media, you may have found yourself comparing your own life to your friends, family, total strangers, and celebrities. 

You might find yourself feeling less than, struggling with feelings of unworthiness and your confidence, and health can be in the gutter.  

Let's get you refocused on what’s important in your own life.
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