Releasing Anger, Frustration, Guilt, Grief and Shame

chakras energy healing healthy lifestyle change meditation yoga and meditation Jan 18, 2023

 It's easy to look at someone from the outside and think that they have it all going on.


But do they really?

Sure, someone might look good, and sound nice, but what about the inside?


What someone might not see is anger, yelling at small innocent children, screaming matches, doors slamming, holes being punched in walls, hurtful comments posted on social media, negative attack thoughts towards someone else, plates flying at dinner time, rude comments to a spouse, or even physical abuse.


If anyone is carrying anger, rage, hate or frustration on the inside there's a very good chance their health, relationships, career and their finances will be suffering tremendously.  

That's WHY only carrying the energy of LOVE is key.


Never lower your personal standards.

You have no time for anything else in your life.


You've come too far in your lifetime to settle for less than extraordinary.


 Within you is a power so strong.


This power can heal your body, raise you up, and bring someone back from the dead.


The dead you ask?


Well that's every person who is waking up and feeling emptiness on the inside.


That is every person who has ever failed, felt shame, guilt, grief, heartache and loss.  


That is every person who is walking around this world unfulfilled, unhappy and unhealthy.


That is every person that has yet to forgive or find forgiveness in their heart to actually move on with their life.


That is every person who is stuck in the past, and isn't joyful in the present.

That is every person who is carrying with them feelings of anger, rage, disappointment, and frustration.


Regardless of what is happening in your life, and what is coming against you, you hold the power to choose.


You can choose to get up, be grateful, set an intention for the day, honour your body, ground yourself in truth and keep moving forward...


Or -


You can choose to sit there, cry, complain, get angry, fight back, put your guard up, shut out the world, and whine about what's not working, what's not right, who's not listening, or what's not happening fast enough.


You see, the power you carry is the sweet spot and the greatest power known to man.


When your root chakra, heart chakra or your solar plexus is blocked you will begin to notice some changes in your life.


Bad things will keep happening, your health will begin to suffer, you'll attract less than excellent situations and people into your life, your digestion will be off, you'll gain weight, anxiety and panic attacks will start to happen, you'll be scared and full of fear, self-doubt, insecurity, your eye sight will be blurry and you'll feel off balance and messed up.


In order to heal and release any negativity that might be trapped in your body you must sit with yourself, and get that energy flowing.


It has to come up and out!


That's why daily meditation and movement is so powerful (and so necessary) for a long lasting life of happiness, inner peace, fulfilment and joy.


If you're carrying any negativity on the inside, it will surely present itself on the outside sooner or later.


Stuck energy can even start causing pain in your body, and often times that begins to affect your hips, low back, heart, and you can even begin to experience sciatica pain, or even chest pains.


I will tell you that no amout of eating healthy, moving your body, chiropractic care, vitamins, supplements, and/or prescription medications will help release, restore, and repair something that's happening on a deep spiritual level.  

So today, sit with yourself.  


Ask yourself if you're holding on to anything that's weighing you down.


Breathe into any pain you might be carrying in your body and just listen.


The answers, solution and remedy will always come to you.  

You don't need to go out, force or try to control anything for when the timing is right all things will come to you.


Focus all of your energy on the truth and what you do carry inside of you and know that it is more than enough.


While some people will choose to focus their time and energy on the situations that continue to bring them such pain, sorrow and misery, choose to be powerful instead.


Live into the highest version of yourself today.


Let nothing come against you.


When you're showing up only to give love and be love, only goodness will follow you.


Focus on faith, family, love, hope, trust, belief, courage, confidence, strength, praise, vision and purpose.


When you have those things inside of you, what more do you really need?


Get up, keep moving forward.


You are more than a conquerer, and you can do all things.

But first you need to believe you can, even if and when things are not going your way.


Have the most beautiful day.





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