How to Prosper in Difficult Times

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2020
Leaders are readers, and so I challenged myself to read a book a week this past year. 52 books in 2020 and I’m nearly there.
Health is wealth, but you will NEVER be able to attract wealth into your life and KEEP it if you don’t get to the root cause of your own inadequacy or lack.
This morning I sat in meditation and it all came up and I burst out into laughter as I thought of all the things related to money and me losing it.
You eventually look back and can see so clearly when you’ve come out of the dark side.

*At age 24 my home was broken into on the night of our stag and doe, and all of my possessions along with cash we worked so hard to save was gone.

*My marriage ended, and I walked away from a home with nothing but 2 orange garbage bags, moved back in with my parents and went on government assistance.
*All child support payments stopped, and there was no life insurance policy.
*I was taken to...
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How Winning is Done

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020
Rocky Balboa once said...
The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done.
So here is ONE indicator you’re doing life wrong; and not open to connection or heck even in the game of winning at life, perhaps because you’re letting life knock you down.
Ego will try everything in it’s power to keep you safe and isolated and stuck in fear, so check yourself.
If you find yourself doing this, question whether or not this ONE thing is helping you get better or stunting your growth.
Say for example you see someone who has something you want. They have achieved something, know something or are doing something you’d love to do.
✅ Winners will know what they want, see others, be inspired by them, and ask them questions to accelerate...
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Why it's NOT "working"..

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020
I’ve got a little secret to share.
If you put EXTRA onto ordinary, you become extraordinary, and trust me, you were never created to be “ordinary”... “basic”.... “boring AF”... and “average”.
Have you tried everything and it’s just “not working”?
Well, there could be ONE missing component to the equation the you’re missing.
You can’t fake it and the reason it’s “not working” is you’re trying to please others at the expense of your own authentic soul.
💫You’d rather blend in then stand out.
💫You’d rather stay quiet then speak up.
💫You’d rather wear back and blend in.
💫You’d rather conform then pull up your big girl pants, do the work and go your own way.
Sooner or later that caged up animal that you’re keeping locked up is going to have this hunger for life and freedom.
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How To Handle Haters

mindset motivation Oct 22, 2020

Years ago I had a hater named Janice... who assumed all I did all day long was pawn my kids off and go shopping while I worked from home.

Years ago I also had a good friend name Kate who blocked and unfriended me when my business was successful and hers wasn’t.


Years ago I had a good friend laugh at me when I told her I was going to retire my husband.


But here’s the thing about haters.


You’re only shining light onto their darkness and most often it’s rooted in their own insecurity. It’s not even about you.  




What the heck do you do all day?


An EMPTY day… As a business owner… or a BIG DREAMER


What do you do all day, and how do you do it all with kids?


Or how DID you do it?


Well first off, you gotta be deeply connected with a HEART and a mission for that will keep going going when the haters come


Second, if you want a better life, you don’t quit, and you...

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The Eve of my 39th Birthday

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2020

Unfiltered and Real.

Tomorrow I turn 39, and I felt called to send you something tonight as I sit here and reflect over the course of my 39 years of life. 

I can tell you that I have never felt more alive, more healthier, more happier, more grateful, more creative, more free, more authentic, and more aligned with who I was created to be then right now.. on THIS day.  

But it wasn't always like this though.....  

In fact, I'm pretty sure I lost my way from my source of connection very early in life.

Growing up morbidly obese, feeling not good enough, divorce, heartache single parenting, miscarriages, starting over, death of loved ones, car accidents, home invasion, lawyers, being fired from a job, trauma, PTSD, I often would joke with my best friends...

It's no wonder I'm not locked in a looney bin yet.... It showed.

In my 39 years of life, I've been through a lot, and I can say that I've experienced MORE darkness than light... but these days I...

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Dead Eyes. Fake Smile. I've got you!

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2020

I’ll swap you my half dead bush here... for those dead eyes of yours and that fake smile you wear on your face.




I don’t want either, but when I was hiring for a landscaper no one actually came to me with LOVE.


All I got was... “My husband can do it”…. Or “I’m looking for some extra money right now, so pick me"....


Nope. Not you. Not ever.


Ain’t happening friend.


I’ll hold off until I can find those people who come into my life full of purpose, spark, passion and a dire love for what they do.


I’m looking for a HIGH level of Excellence and a deep rooted passion. Not just clocking in and clocking out.


Let me tell you, it's rare to find these days!


You see friend, you were built for PURPOSE.


If you’re just waking up to make money, you’re dying just like this bush of mine.

So what will it be for you today?


Have you asked...

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My Morning Practice

How I set myself up to win, and what I’ve been doing for years now.
How has a 5 am morning practice changed my life?
Well I can tell you that it’s not only changed my outside but most importantly it changed the inside.
Here’s what I do. Every damn day. Even on the weekend.
1. Alarm goes off. I get up. I always get minimum 7 hours sleep.
2. I go pee, I get dressed, I grab my clothes for the day, and head down to my kitchen.
3. I grab a piece of fruit, usually an orange, and maybe some cashew butter on a spoon, mix up my pre-workout and head down to my studio.  
4. I write out I AM affirmations while I sit in my sauna. Years ago when I was struggling with life, and pretending to be “good”, I was reciting, “I am tired, I am broke, I am busy”.... that kinda language does not look sexy on any grown woman.
5. I set an Intention for the day, which is always grounded...
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It's going to be OKAY!

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020
No matter what... isn’t a beautiful to know that you’re going to be okay. That things will work out and that everything that is happening right now is growing you into a better version of yourself?
Sometimes what YOU want isn’t what that still little whisper from within wants.
Connection. Spirit. Whatever you wanna call it, just know that it can be exhausting when you go one way... and it wants the other.
Time to live your life on purpose.
When I polled my community yesterday 50% wanted more time. 50% wanted more purpose.
You see...
What most are really after isn’t found on the outside. It’s a feeling within.
So you want to be free you say?
You want more time?
More purpose and meaning in your life?
Well, how can you possibly achieve that level of bliss when you keep going back to old patterns, routines, and habits that no longer serve your highest good?
You can’t.
If you want inner...
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How to Spot a Liar!

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020
How to spot a LIAR 101
Your time limited so do not waste it living someone else’s life.
What is it you want for your life? For your family? Where are you going? And how will you get there?
Most importantly what are you waiting for?
Someone else to tell you what you already KNOW?
You can spot a bullshitter from a mile away, I know; because I lived many years of my life lying to myself.
👉👉Their responses will be “busy, but good”… or “I can’t believe how fast time is going”.
That SAME person will walk into a job, and wait for the end of day...
But sadly that same person will be SO busy running around that they aren’t even enjoying life... or feeling the day anymore, not connected to themselves or others, so the “automatic response”.... is ....
“Busy, but good”.
Nope. Not even remotely good. Last time I checked being busy with time slipping...
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This one is for the bitches... xo

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020
It’s 5 am bitches....
Ready to start waking up feeling fully alive and happy?
There is a difference between getting up and showing up to your life because you LOVE it and honour it, versus getting up because you hate your life and can’t stand it, and complain about changing it every day.
Operating out of hate or lack won’t sustain your motivation on it’s own and eventually you will quit.
Do you even love your life enough to get up each day and honour it?
So many people change jobs, change locations, change vehicles but they’ve yet to change themselves.
Trust me, you can change homes, but if you still put the same unhappy soul who is not loving every bit of her life on THIS day in that new home you’ll STILL be an unhappy, miserable bitch.
It’s not the new home you need to change. It’s the home you’re currently residing in that needs a MASSIVE renovation.
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