A Clean Spirit - Finding Forgiveness and Personal Freedom

forgiveness generational trauma heart chakra inner child healing life transformation mother wound healing root chakra healing May 26, 2024

One day you might wake up and be brought back to a time in your life where you can’t believe that you’ve come this far.  You will rise in the morning and you will know that your life just keeps getting better and better.  Where you started out, how far you’ve come, and how great you feel is nothing compared to the hell you went through.  So take a minute and just pause.

Breathe in, let your face hit the sunshine and praise yourself for never giving up.  Fill your heart with love and gratitude knowing that in some divine way you had to go through what you went through in order to truly find what you were made of.


This journey of our life isn’t always fun.  In fact, for many the journey is filled with pain, suffering, heartache, stress, worry, guilt, regret, shame, judgement, rejection, abuse, failure, hate and anger.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that everyone is perfect because that’s a lie.  We are all imperfect and flawed and each of us is on a very unique journey that ultimately will land us right back to where we started, only to find out that what we had, and who we were, was more than good enough.


Self-love, self-discovery, self-discipline, self-mastery, self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect, self-reliance, and self-confidence all are built on one solid foundation.  Thy self.  It’s knowing thy self, trusting thy self, loving thy self, and ultimately believing in thy self.


So who are you really?


Who is this self that you are looking for?


Well a lot of religious texts and teachings will have you believing that God is external.  That you are to worship, follow, and praise a God that you’ve never met or that is outside of you.  That you need to follow a certain set of beliefs or rules for your life.  That you must believe what others believe and that if you don't, you don't belong or that something is wrong with you, and that's a lie.


When you have come home to yourself, you will know God personally for you’ve been met face to face with your ultimate creator simply by looking in the mirror.  That creator is not outside of you.  That creator is within you, so you can consider yourself pretty lucky and somewhat of a walking miracle knowing that you are a piece of the entire Universe and you’ve got everything locked up in the middle of your own heart to make all of your wildest dreams come true.  But it takes hard work, relentless effort, control over your own mind, dedication, discipline, consistency, and of course a lot of love, grace, and forgiveness.


In order to get back home to yourself (also known as your higher self) and reside in this space of pure unconditional love, strength, power, and goodness you’re going to have to go through a series of tests.  If you fail the learn the life lessons about yourself then you will have to repeat the lessons, and you will continue to experience more of the things you don’t want in your life.


So how do we truly change our life? 


Well your new life is going to cost you your old one.  Today you can rebuild a new life and create a new foundation and that’s pretty exciting once you know that you are in the drivers seat.  But first you’re going to have to let go of everything in your past that could be stopping you from moving forward and rising higher.  You’re also going to have to let go of all the things you’ve worshipped before your own self like relationships, careers, businesses, money, things, substances, addictive behaviours, routines, bad habits, and anything else in between.  You’re also going to have to cleanse your spirit and release all negative emotions and find it within your heart to forgive the past, forgive people, and most importantly forgive yourself for anything you did or didn’t know at the time.  At the time you could’t have done any better or diffferent because you were doing the best you knew how to do based on your own level of consciousness at the time. 


So today I’m going to break down how to heal some deeper wounds and to forgive so you can be free to live joyfully in the present moment.


1.  You must WANT to be better.  There must be a part of you that wants to be better than you are right now.  That desire for peace, happiness, love, health, success, growth, and wellness must come from you.  It cannot be pushed, forced, and it can’t come from anyone else’s wishes or desires.  It must come from within yourself and it will come when the timing is right.  Consider it a nudge from your highest self, God or the Universe saying that you deserve better and that there is more left for you to do in this world and that it's time for you to rise higher.



2.  Continue to meditate daily and become a master of your own mind.  Honour the flashbacks and see them for what they are.  They are going to have to come up so they can come out of you!  As you are going through the "cleansing" process you will have flashbacks to times or situations that can cause fear, stress, anxiety, or pain.  They will come to your mind and your job is to see them for what they really are.  Something that shaped you.  A lie.  A detour.  A challenge.  An terrible moment in time that you had no control over.  A valuable life lesson to be learned.  An awakening.  An opportunity for you to dig a little deeper into your past and to “crack the code” that will ultimately set you free.  For many their past is an opportunity to heal hundreds of years of generational trauma and prevent that pain, suffering, poverty, addiction, or abuse form spreading.  For many who have been gifted with the opportunity of hardship, they fail to look at it as they are the “chosen one”.  They were the strong one who was chosen to break the chains and ultimately change the trajectory of their life and their familles life for generations to come.   While it might be hard to accept your past, it's harder to live an unhappy life. You were put here for a purpose and that purpose is to discover who you truly are and to fulfil the highest expression of yourself.  Without the pain, you wouldn’t know what real happiness, health, love, abundance, joy, and inner peace feels like once you’ve achieved it.    So allow these flashbacks to come up.  Allow yourself to sit with it and shine light onto it.  Feel any pain that needs to be felt, make sense of it, and change the meaning of it.  Go back in time and rewrite the story from a negative experience to a story of victory, strength, survival, self-worth, and empowerment.  Daily meditation will help with this so no matter how hard it is, sit with yourself and keep meditating until your mind becomes clear and all that is left in your heart is love.



3.  Embrace who you were back then and hold yourself.  See yourself for who you were at the time, and comfort yourself as you would a small child.  There will always be parts of you that need attention otherwise they are going to keep coming back to self-sabotage you.  Hold yourself, whisper to yourself anything that you would have needed to hear at the time, and know that from now on you’re going to protect that part of you and that they are safe and secure with you.  Allow any tears to flow if they come up. 



4.  Do some digging.  Did this situation in your past happen to anyone else in your family?  Does it seem similar to a parent or someone in the past?  Are you re-living your mothers life?  You might simply be repeating a pattern of the past and it’s your turn to break that cycle.  Also understand that there might have been a reason you attracted this into your life at the time by how your energy was.  Meaning, were you needy, looking for love in all the wrong places, negative, or desperate for something?  Were you thinking about the worst case scenario or the best case scenario?  Did you feel in your gut that something was off and you chose not to listen?  Did you see some red flags early on and chose to overlook them?  Were you judging others or mean to others in your thinking?  Were you putting others needs about your very own?  What were your thoughts like at the time and what was the intention behind your actions?  Always remember that a like will attract a like so if someone is needing money or constantly worried about money, or has even stollen from others or is not being truthful and honest in every encounter, their lacking frequency will attract things such as a robbery, loss of a job, or someone trying to take advantage of them.  Someone who has a deep rooted rejection wound, low self-worth or insecurity might attract someone who is on the same frequency and in turn is an drug addict or alcoholic.  You have to ensure your energy is high and positive and then you will attract excellence into your life.  Take full responsibility for your actions and your energy in your life and if you did have a part to play, own that half of it and learn from it, for it was probably put in your path for that very specific reason.



4.  Wish them well.  Whoever it is in your past that might have done something to hurt you, you’re going to have to be the bigger person and learn to let it go.  It is done and over with now and now it's your turn to live happy!  The burden of hate, frustration, fear, stress, or anger is not yours to carry.  So regardless of what anyone has ever done, you can’t ever allow their actions to prevent you from living your happiest and healthiest life.  In your mind or in person...wish them well.  Tell them that you love them and that you want the best for them because you want the best for you.  Tell them that you forgive them.  Affirm to yourself:  I release all shame, guilt, blame, frustration, hate, cynicism, judgement, condemnation, frustration, grief, heartache and sadness.  Then forgive yourself for you too were doing the best you knew how to do at the time.  You were doing what you thought was best.  You were doing what you might have been taught to do, but there is a new way and a new teaching of life and that is honouring your highest self.  Just breathe and if tears flow let them flow.  Stay with yourself for however long you need.



5.  Embrace your freedom and affirm that your life just keeps getting better and better.  The minute you let go of something or someone that no longer serves you, the lighter you will feel and you will begin to rise to a whole new level.  Ask God to fill your mind with only the good memories that you want to keep.  Ask him to erase the ones you don’t want and give thanks.  From here on out start a new practice of visualization.  Go back to the happiest and youngest memory you have as a child and see and feel yourself happy, healthy, free.  Then progress through the stages of your life.  See yourself at certain milestones and ages and intentionally find the happy memories that you will remember from now on.  Those will be the ones you keep.  For despite having some difficult times in your life there were a lot of good moments too.  Intentionally focus on those for the others are washed away.



6.  Do the new you.  The new 2.0 version of you is waiting for you.  Once you have gone back and healed the parts of you in your past that need healing you get to rebirth into a new version and ultimately you get to decide who that is, or what that version looks like, feels like, acts like and how successful that person is.  See yourself as the version of yourself you want to be and then get rid of anything that doesn’t align with that current version of yourself.  Read this blog post for some questions you can ask yourself about who you really are!   



7.  Get excited for the rebuild, redefine, and the recreation of yourself.  You’ve earned the right to stand strong in your glory.  Get excited for the refill and the restoration of anything you lost and make it even better.  Take care of yourself first, workout, eat well, and truly honour yourself first.  There are many teachings out there about “putting God first” in your life, or "filling your own cup up".  Well, since God is within you that means putting yourself and that higher part of yourself first and seeking first your own kingdom.  You will know what you’re out of alignment by how you feel.  If you’re feeing good, you’re feeling God and love.  If you’re feeling bad, that’s your ego talking and you have edged God out of your life.



8.  Own your greatness.  If you don’t fit in or belong it’s because you’re not owning your greatness.  Go forward and don’t look back!  The right kind of people will find you and if they don’t, that’s okay because you’re never alone anyways.  You always have that higher self and guiding compass within that is leading the way, and you can call upon that loving presence any time you need.  You are here, you’re amazing, you’re alive, you’re incredible, you’re meant to do something incredible with your life, so wake up every single do and do something that makes you feel alive.



9.  Bury the dead.  That means, stop talking about the past, and stop talking about what happened.  That chapter of your life is over and done with.  You are rewriting a new story for your future and creating new things in your life.  Since your life will become what you constantly think about be sure that you are spending your time in the present moment as that is how you create your future.  There is no need to revisit or talk about anything in your past unless it serves a purpose.  


10.  Live your life on purpose.  Can you use what you've been through to serve a purpose and make someone else's life better? Can you create something, build something, start something, sing something, write something, design something, or do something that makes you feel great about yourself and your life knowing that it was all meant to be?  Think bigger about your life and what's possible for you.  Think bigger about the impact you can make around the world or what gifts and talents you have that are just waiting to be shared with others.  You are a vessel of love and goodness.  Do what you can with what you have and simply start something that matters.  






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