Getting Back To Yourself - Questions To Lead You Higher

Oct 16, 2022

Trying to feel like yourself again can and will be a very frustrating process if you don't know who your real self is in the first place.


If you're like most people, you might be feeling lost in life, and that's exactly why you've been guided to read this.

You're searching for the truth, and the truth will in fact set you free.


You may feel disconnected, lonely and unhealthy and doing everything in your power to feel like "yourself" again, and that can be a full time job that takes away from living your best life.


The process of self discovery can be exhausting without the right support and knowledge. 


The process of self discovery can keep you going back to an old self, when in fact God is trying to do something NEW in your life.  

So before you go backwards to an old version of yourself, be sure that what you're going back to is something you actually love, admire, and respect.


Because if I can be honest with you, there were many years I wasted trying to go back to "feeling like myself again", but that self was no one to admire.

Perhaps there was a reason I couldn't get back to her.


That self was frantic, stressed, jealous, envious, stuck in the past, overwhelmed, insecure, jealous of others, constantly worried about how she looked, constantly looking at how much things cost, in debt, and cared way too much about what others thought of her.

That "self" was full of fear, hate, insecurity, self-doubt and low self-worth.  


That "self" constantly thought that she wasn't good enough, smart enough, fit enough, educated enough, and did everything in her power to be seen and recognized by others at the expense of her own health and family.


Sure that "self" I was trying to get back to might have been 10 pounds lighter, a few sizes smaller, and looked a few years younger, but was that "self" anyone to look up to?


Was that "self" full of love, peace, joy, happiness, honesty, grace, patience, confidence, self-worth, purpose, kindness and compassion?


No.  So why would I ever want to go back to feeling like "myself" again when I felt like a total stranger in my own life and my own body?


There was a point in time where you too were connected to your true self, and that's the whole point of this journey through life.  This journey is all about you coming back home to the you that you lost before the world told you to be someone different, and my God, it's magical and absolutely breathtaking once you get on the other side.


Be sure you turn inward to really seek the truth of what you are really after, for if you don't you'll be going around in circles forever, and it can be very painful, and not to mention expensive.  


Trying to feel like yourself again won't ever be accomplished by going back to someone that clearly wasn't your truest self in the first place.

Going forward into the new and greater version of yourself will be your only way out.


The self you were 2, 5, 10 years ago will be very different than who you are today in the present moment.


The self that was learning, growing, failing, and figuring things out will be very different than the self you will be tomorrow or in 5 years from now. 


In order to truly find yourself, you must sit with yourself.  Grab your journal and then ask yourself the following questions:


Who Am I? If you haven't figured this out yet you are more than your age, how you look, your weight, your job title, your bank account, or what you do for a living.  You are more than a wife, daughter, sister, and a mother too.  Finding who you truly are will be a process of unlearning what you might have been taught growing up, and unlearning the rules or the sets of beliefs handed down to you by others.  


What does the highest expression of myself look like, dress like, and act like?  Then begin to live into that version today. 


How does she eat?  How much does she weigh?  What workouts does she do?


What does my highest expression of myself need to stop doing and start doing differently?


What do I really want for my life?


What am I called to do?


What would a perfect day look like and feel like?


What am I still doing that is making me unhappy?


What do I need to do to make my life exactly how I want it to be?


Then, rest, relax and receive the answers that come to you.

Your real self can only ever truly be known, felt, and uncovered, with your eyes closed, for your greater personal growth always happens in the dark.


Your real self can only ever be discovered in the dark, while you're fumbling around this world trying to be someone you're clearly not.


Your real self is not a body, a number on the scale, or some silly name or title that you or someone else gave to you.

Your real self is full of love, grace, health, abundance, kindness, compassion, empathy, talents, harmony, respect, and joy.


Your real self is a Divine expression of God.  


So aim for that.  


Shoot for that. 


Make that your one and only goal.

For once you know who you are, and what you are truly made of, nothing and no one can ever stop you from reaching your goals and dreams.  


The only person that could ever stop you is yourself.  You know, that weaker self who's constantly whispering in your ear that you're not good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough?  With enough practice, consistency, and self-discipline, that self will be long gone and all that you will be left with is someone you admire, respect, and love with all of your heart.







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