Busy Is No Longer Part of My Vocabulary

May 03, 2023


For many years I would wake up and rush through my mornings. 


I would wake up, get my workout clothes, and press play on a 30-minute workout. 


Then I would rush upstairs, get in the shower and put myself together before the kids got up. 


I’d drop the kids off at daycare and then spend the day working and building my business.  


By 9am it already felt like I put in a 10 hour work day.


I repeated the cycle for years. 


Then one day I realized I didn’t have to do any of that anymore because I had created a life that allowed me to workout whenever I wanted, eat whenever I wanted, show up whenever I wanted, vacation whenever I wanted, and spend time with my kids whenever I wanted. 


There was no need to rush through my life with stress and anxiety anymore.


Having "no time", and being “so busy” is no longer part of my vocabulary. 


These days I don’t wake up and workout every day. 



These days I don’t rush through life because somewhere along my journey I lost myself and my health.


I believed that if I got up earlier, stayed up later, read more books, got better credentials behind my name, copied what everyone else was doing, doubled up on my workouts, ate cleaner, had cold showers, worked harder, did more, and got myself a better body, that it would make my dreams come true. 


I believed all the stuff I was doing was the “magic” and “secret sauce” to success. 


But it wasn't.


Do you want to know what actually made it all happen? 




It was listening to myself. 


It was trusting myself. 


It was believing in myself.


It was healing myself. 


It was loving myself.



It was asking my highest self what I should do each and every day and being obedient to that calling. 


So, if you’re sitting there thinking that you must do more in order to achieve more in your life, I am here to tell you that you don’t. 


All you need to do is listen to that tiny voice from within and follow its lead. 




Sometimes it will whisper things like...


...get up earlier


...cut out coffee


...no more wine


...get some sleep tonight


...stop doing so much


...stop giving so much


...what you're doing is stupid


...you deserve better


...stop doing that


...you're not going there


...let them go


...do some yoga or go for a walk instead



And then it's up to you to listen to the directions and then live your life happily ever after. 



This is your life, and it’s up to you to make it everything you want it to be. 



Your life is ALWAYS whispering to you and it will direct your footsteps.



It will help you come to life. 



Are you listening?



I'd highly encourage you to listen to the magic within you and tune out the rest of the world.


For this world will try to make you into someone you're not, and try its hardest to make you just like everyone else.



But you were created different and you were set apart.



Be extraordinary, be excellent, be everything you want to be and don't wait.

You get one shot at this life of yours. 


Make it a phenomenal one!








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