17 Reasons To Cut 'Em Loose

Apr 14, 2022

You think you know people, but you really don’t.


The only person you can truly know is yourself.


The only person you can truly trust is yourself, so you must know and trust yourself enough to let people go and move forward with your life.


There will be many times where you feel out of place, where you feel alone, disconnected and will feel like you don’t belong.


As you grow and work on yourself this is normal – Simply because you want more for your life and those around you are not growing.


They are no longer good for you and recognizing this is critical as you will not be your best self when you’re around people who bring you down. 


This could include friends, family, co-workers, or any environment you are in.

Some things to be on the lookout for when you’re around people you’ve outgrown …


  1. You find yourself judging others, or you feel judged.
  2. Gossiping about other people.
  3. Crude remarks from your mouth, or the mouth of someone you are with.
  4. Feeling off/weird – Like you need to tip toe around or walk on egg shells.
  5. You can’t share certain things out of fear and lack of trust.
  6. You’re always talking about the past or things that happened years ago.
  7. Lying to cut the meeting short and/or can’t wait to get the hell out of there.
  8. You know them, but you don’t really know them, nor do they really know you.
  9. Regret for oversharing out of fear they will tell someone else.
  10. Lack of presence or interest. You can’t remember conversations or what the other person said.
  11. Not seeing eye to eye on important life topics, and values. They are stuck in their ways.
  12. No desire from the other person to grow, change, and they aren’t going anywhere.
  13. They don't support you or ask you questions about your life, and what's important to you.
  14. They are always instilling fear or worry into you, and are never supportive of your dreams.
  15. They are constantly talking about money, how expensive things are, what they can't afford, and how crazy the world is. 
  16. They aren't taking care of their own health, are lazy, and complain about how tired, sick, and busy they are.
  17. You aren't being yourself, or feel like you can't be yourself around them.


Today as you go on your way know that you are not better than anyone else.  Nor are you above or below someone else.  


Your only job is to the be the best version of who YOU were created to be.

Never go back to people, places, or situations you’ve graduated from.

If you find yourself going back to what’s safe, comfortable, or easy that’s an indication that there is something inside of you that’s scared, worried, fearful, insecure and is looking for safety and security.


Your safety and security is never found in things outside of yourself or other people.


Your safety and security can only be found within yourself, and then you know and trust yourself enough to step forward in faith. 


The sky is the limit for you.


Keep soaring.

Keep shining.





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