Have you ever felt deep within that there was a next level for you in life?

Have you ever wanted more happiness, health or personal freedom and wanted to know what it feels like to wake up each day feeling fully alive and engaged?

Have you ever wanted to create the kind of life that makes you proud?  A life where you have big dreams and goals and that you're doing something that truly matters to you?

If you have, then you are in the right spot, and I'm so glad you are here!!

I’d like to welcome you to join my World Class Virtual Health Studio and Mastermind Program!

This program will provide you with the support and mentorship you need to help you soar higher in your life.

You need that coach, that mentor, that person in your life that is going to challenge you and push you to the next level, because they know there is  greatness inside of you. 

This coaching program helps you answer those questions that we all have, and it's equipping and empowering you with the tools and mindset strategies needed for you to reach that next level in your life so that you can actually achieve radical transformation in your life.

Get started now.  I've got you covered and can't wait to see you in there!

Excellence. Productivity. Self Mastery.  Leadership.  Breakthrough. Peace of Mind. Health. Happiness. Freedom.

Your journey begins, the moment you decide.


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▲Unlimited Access to Lindsay's Mindset Makeover Master Class ($497 Value) - Master Your Mindset and Self Love

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▲ 12 Months of High Level Mindset and Life Coaching Sessions (just press play!) - Receive instant access to 12 months worth of trainings upon sign up!

▲Meditation Vault - Meditations and Motivation delivered right to you (just press play!) - Receive instant access to meditations upon sign up!

▲Unlimited Access to Lindsay's Mindset Makeover Master Class ($497 Value) - Master Your Mindset and Self Love

▲VIP discounts - Save up to 60% on Lindsay's most favourite transformation products!

ALL IN HIGH LEVEL BONUS:  Certified High Performance Coaching Sessions ($997 Value). Dive deeper into confidence, clarity, focus, energy, courage, emotional intelligence, mindset skills and stress management tools.

▲Unlimited access to trainings and private members area.  

▲Learn from anywhere, anytime.  World Wide.

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▲  High Level Mastery Coaching Session working with Lindsay 1:1

▲ Email after every session with High Performance Worksheets and Downloads

▲ 1 New Beginnings High Level Transformation Bundle ($7016 Value)

▲ Additional Energizer Sessions (as needed) - Meditation/Breath Scaling Work

▲Mindset Mastery - Assist clients in developing a consciously-directed, positive and engaged mind.

▲Health and Energy Mastery - Assist clients in gaining even more energy, authentic happiness and wholeness.

▲Productivity Mastery - Assist clients in revisiting their productivity levels, day-to-day focus, organization, and cutting out distraction.

▲ Confidence Mastery - Assist clients in targeting areas they can be more confident and how to eliminate self-doubt.

▲ Purpose Mastery - Assist clients in unlocking purpose

▲ Commitment to Excellence - Assist clients in reviewing their progress and making commitments for continued growth and transformation.


What's the #1 thing everyone in the world wants?

They want MORE... 

They want more happiness, more health, more connection, more authentic relationships, more money, more energy, more productivity, more time, more purpose, more peace of mind, more confidence, and ultimately more meaning in their life.

In order to transform your life and become the person you are truly capable of becoming it’s going to require MAX effort, but here’s the thing…

You can't get anywhere in life when you're depleted and operating from an empty space.  

Most people today are simply tired, burnt out, depressed, depleted, stressed, and exhausted not from doing anything extraordinary with their life, but simply because they are going through the motions and failing miserably at the basics.

The basics cover food, clothing and shelter... and yet most don't know how to eat, and don't have time to workout. 

Sure they may look good, and their houses are clean, but their real home in which their heart and soul lives is completely dead on the inside.

They work hard, spend countless hours away from their family, and yet... right now in this moment of history stress, burnout, mental fatigue, addiction, obesity, anxiety and depression are the leading causes of death, broken marriages, debt, and bankruptcy. 

You definitely don't want to be basic, when extraordinary was also an option.

I don’t believe being “busy” but “good” or “fine” is a life goal.  

I also don't believe in being a "hot mess".  

Sadly that’s just a scary cry out for help from someone who is struggling, has overcommited themselves, are coming unglued, can’t manage their life or time properly, has given up and slapped a label on it to make themselves feel better about their current life conditions.

So do yourself and your family the best gift of all....

Be selfish and care for yourself the way that you truly deserve.

And I mean really care deeply about your own wellness, and self-care, because if you don't you'll just find yourself ending up like most people.

Sick, broke, and feeling half dead on the inside.

Listen to that voice of reason that calls out to you nudging you towards a better life of self-love, acceptance, courage, belief, and ultimately more.

You were made for more, and there is a next level for you.

Get signed up today so I can really help you reach that next level in your life.

Health is wealth.  Time... Well that's real freedom.

Imagine getting to the end of your life knowing you went all in on this one life of yours, and didn't settle.

Now that is something to get excited about isn't it?


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  • Meditation Vault - Meditations and Motivation delivered right to you (just press play!) - Receive instant access to meditations upon sign up!
  • Unlimited Access to Lindsay's Mindset Makeover Master Class ($497 Value) - Master Your Mindset and Self Love
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  • Unlimited access to trainings and private members area.  
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  • ALL IN HIGH LEVEL BONUS:  Certified High Performance Coaching Sessions ($997 Value). Dive deeper into confidence, clarity, focus, energy, courage, emotional intelligence, mindset skills and stress management tools.
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Are you ready to reclaim your life so that you are waking up happy, healthy and feeling fully alive again? 

Are you ready to unlock your true purpose and calling in your life so that you're not longer feeling unfilled on the inside?

Are you ready to let go and unlearn old behaviours, thought patterns belief systems that are keep you stuck and unwell and do the work necessary to achieve lasting success so that you can start growing and reaching extraordinary levels in your own life?

Are you ready to build yourself up on a solid foundation of love, strength, support and trust so that you can find out what you're truly made of?


Gain the happiness, health, confidence, productivity, and abundance you truly deserve!


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The moment you join, you get on-demand access to a library of content.  It’s like Netflix for personal development, mastering your mindset and mastering your life!

When you have a strong mindset, it becomes part of who you are.  You are made new simply by the renewing of your mind and that all starts from within.

You simply live a life of love, positivity and abundance because at your core that is who you are!

You will no longer be trapped in unhealthy patterns, or be at war with your mind and body, but rather you will learn to transcend any limitations so you can soar higher in your own life.

You will feel energized, empowered, guided, confident, strong, inspired and so full of life and you need nothing outside of yourself to make you happy.

Your 12 Months of Mastery begins the moment you sign up!  This ultimate Health Studio makes it really easy to live a positive healthy life.  A life of meaning, love, happiness, fulfilment, purpose and freedom—because it gives you flexible structure and guidance.

We all have greatness and purpose within us, but if you leave your future in the hands of someone else, you will end up living a mediocre, basic life of existence.

You need time to make your life extraordinary.  You need the right coaching to help you master your health, mindset, relationships, and your emotions.

That's where this program comes in!  

Join from anywhere in the world. Instant access at your finger tips!

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MINDSET MAKEOVER - Unlimited Access

Are negative thoughts holding you back?

Negative self talk can creep in slowly and become toxic habits. If they do, they will negatively influence how you experience life.

We all have moments in life when we know we need to make a change in order to live a life we love, and to truly be happy.

Are you ready to live your happiest and healthiest life?

For signing up you will receive UNLIMITED access to my Mindset Makeover Master Class. 

In this self paced course you will get a total of 8 lessons, ebook downloads as well as you will get worksheets to help you dive DEEP into the areas that could be holding you back the most, PLUS over 10 Bonus recordings.

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Here's How Investing in Yourself Change Your Life.

I created this Ultimate Mastermind Health Studio to help you design a solid Mindset and Health practice you can stick to—so you can feel connected, motivated, supported and inspired!

So many people trade their health and happiness for things, only to still feel empty inside.

They are constantly looking and buying things outside of themselves for happiness bouncing around from one thing to the next without pausing for a minute to stop and really learn what it takes to achieve happiness and true personal freedom.

That inner transformation and healing requires so much more work, and time that goes beyond just eating healthy and moving your body every day.

Each month I deliver a brand new high level coaching session along with meditations, motivational videos, journal prompts, connection, and so much more.  Plus, it’s easy to access all trainings on your phone, downloadable app, computer or tablet from anywhere in the world!  Changing your life has never been easier.

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A Personal Message from Lindsay

Let's be real here for a minute.  You want that happy, healthy, fulfilled life, but maybe you are feeling stuck.

You've been been trying on your own for far too long, likely spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.  As a result you feel that inner dis-ease within, and maybe that feeling of frustration is taking it's toll on your relationships too.  

Often times the first step to a BIG life transformation is being real.  I don't want you to just be fine.  I want you to be fully alive. 

This is about you LIVING your best life. Not just existing in it. This is about you getting to the next level of success in your life, and getting that inner spark back that you lost along your journey. 

Just like athletes need coaches, you need a coach to help you reach your goals too.  Today, I'm offering you a chance at a new beginning. 

I bring something VERY unique to the table.  With over 2 decades of personal transformation expertise, I have overcome my lifelong battle with obesity, I have clawed my way out of a dark hole of starting over and poverty, being a broke single mom, to building a successful online brand and personal development business from the ground up. 

From recovering from PTSD, Co-dependency, Addiction, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Food addiction, body image issues, ultimately leading me to higher level of self and health, I am HERE FOR You, saying:

You don't have to do this alone.  I have travelled and trained with some of the best high performance coaches in the world.

Let me equip and empower you with the tools necessary that will help you achieve success faster. Let me challenge you to help you GROW and develop into the highest version of yourself, that you know deep down you're capable of becoming. 

You might just need some extra support and help. You ready?


Who is this program NOT for...

2 sentences that really tick me off… and that should really tick you off too if you’re that high achiever wanting MORE.
“I’ve tried everything”…
“There is nothing more I can do”…
Lies. Complete BS. Laziness. Lack of Effort. Complacency. Mediocrity that’s running rampant these days.
There’s ALWAYS a way, the fact is some people don’t want to find the way, so they throw you some BS story that they can’t.  I don’t tolerate that in my life, and neither should you, so know this program is not for the person who is full of excuses, and fear.
It is also NOT for someone who needs "motivation".  I'm only interested in working with those who want more, are coachable and will do the work.  I don't have time to convince others they are worthy of an amazing life, so only want to invest my time and energy with those who are serious.
When you’re on path to getting EVERYTHING you want.
...Not everyone will work as hard as you do.
...Not everyone will see your vision.
...Not everyone wants more for their life.
...Not everyone has the same dreams and goals as you do.
...Not everyone will understand you, but then again, you’re NOT everyone.
You are you, and the ONLY you that’s out there, so why a play small with this one life you’ve got?
I won’t ever say this is "easy", in fact… It’s hard, and you'll often be met with slamming doors, but that's WHY you need help and support, for there’s always another door to try!
If you want happiness, health and freedom you’re going to have to demand more out of yourself.
You’re going to have to become a whole new you, for you know the old you wasn’t working anyways.
You are going to have to find new friends, new mentors and raise your standards.
That’s courage. That’s bravery. That’s hard work.
Just know your happiness is also directly tied to your true purpose and ultimately calling in life, and that's worth fighting for.
If you are way out of whack settling for less than you deserve, you’ll feel that anger, frustration, resentment, that mediocrity from within.
Time to change right?
Time to get the help you really need right?
It's time to get over that fear you have and start listening to the truth.
The truth is you were made for MORE!
Ultimately it’s not what YOU want, it’s what that whisper from within wants, and that whisper won’t stop until you get exactly what you told yourself you couldn’t have.
Just know, I’m cheering you on to win, but at the end of the day, make sure when you’re ALONE with yourself, that you’re cheering you on to win too.  
We all win that way.  See you inside!

12 Months of Mastery


Renewed Annually

  • What Your Personal Investment Includes

    ▲ 12 Months of High Level Mindset and Life Coaching Sessions (just press play!) - Receive instant access to 12 Months worth of trainings upon sign up!

    ▲Meditation Vault - Meditations and Motivation delivered right to you (just press play!) - Receive instant access to meditations upon sign up!

    ▲Unlimited Access to Lindsay's Mindset Makeover Master Class ($497 Value) - Master Your Mindset and Self Love

    ▲VIP discounts - Save up to 60% on Lindsay's most favourite transformation products!

    ALL IN HIGH LEVEL BONUS:  Certified High Performance Coaching Sessions ($997 Value). Dive deeper into confidence, clarity, focus, energy, courage, emotional intelligence, mindset skills and stress management tools.

    ▲Unlimited access to trainings and private members area.  

    ▲Learn from anywhere, anytime.  World Wide.



How do I get unstuck and make progress in my life?

What can I start doing right now to help conquer stress and overwhelm?

How can I maximize my time, and at the same time still take care of my health when I'm already so busy? 

What do I if I'm struggling and need a breakthrough?

How do I overcome and manage stress, anxiety, panic and overwhelm?

How do I become more confident and tap into my true purpose in life?

How do I let go of the past, find forgiveness, heal from grief, and reclaim my life again?

How can I manage my time, and what high performance habits do I need, so that I can build a life of my dreams despite being so busy.

How can I truly transform my life and get myself and my family on board with a healthy lifestyle change?

How can I find my true purpose in life?

How can I get reconnected to what matters most, so that I can live authentically happy in all areas of my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

These are some the topics you are going to learn in my Virtual Health Studio, so sign up right now so that I can teach you these things.



Lindsay Martin is an expert in personal transformation, High Level Mindset and Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and owner of Soul Perfection Co. a personal development empire dedicated to total-life transformation solutions.

After overcoming her lifelong battle with obesity she has always had a passion for health, wellness, and helping others transform their lives, knowing that the best transformation can't be seen, but rather felt from within.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of personal development and transformation, Lindsay is a big advocate for self development, self love, and being your own hero for no one is going to save you. 

Lindsay is a Wife, and Mom of 3 beautiful children.  She loves country music, spirituality, pretty pink things, and florals.

Your Healthiest Life Starts Now!

Happiness, Health, Wholeness, Purpose, Personal Freedom, Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance!

Reclaim Your Life Starting Today!

A Year of Personal Growth and Excellence

A lot of people think that transforming their life is easy, but if it were easy everyone would be happy, healthy, whole, waking up feeling fully alive, and living their life on purpose.

Changing your life is hard work, but not nearly as hard as living a life of regret and mediocrity.

There comes a point in time where what we are doing is no longer working. 

Usually for most it looks like this..

You’re striving, you’re working harder than ever before, you’re busier than ever before, but you’re simply not enjoying your life anyone.

The reality is most are sliding backwards instead of growing, excelling and reaching that next level.

The reality is most are not lazy, but they are hard working, dedicated, committed, and showing up for others fully, but they are dropping the ball in their own health, and coming unglued at home and in all of their most important relationships.

There is nothing worse than knowing you’re meant for more, but then being so tired, exhausted and burnt out to do anything to improve your life.

But here’s the thing….

The work starts when you’re tired.

The work starts when you’ve had enough.

The work starts when your back is up agains the wall and there are no other options.

The work starts when you are tired of being tired, and then you dig digger and pull that strength, confidence, conviction and certainty you’ve had the whole time locked up inside of you.

Looking back after you've reached that space of freedom, it's pretty magical.  Transformation at the highest level is breathtaking and worth the climb.

There is greatness inside of you, but you’ll never get to uncover it, unlock it and unleash it to the world if you quit.

You also can't get there on your own without tools, strategies, mentors and coaches who have been where you've been and can help you get there faster.

You’ll never get to experience liberation from your pain and suffering if you phone it in, and give up right before the best part.

Transformation at the highest level requires you to dig deeper and demand more from yourself.

It requires a higher level of standard for yourself.  It requires excellence, skill, strategy, confidence, courage, commitment, bravery and unwavering belief in yourself and ultimately belief in something so much bigger than yourself.

Maybe you don’t have the tools yet. 

Maybe you don’t believe in yourself yet.  

Maybe you don’t have the right players on your team helping you to win.

Let me be that person for you.   

Sign up below and let's get to work.


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"It's been officially 1 year since I enrolled to be a student of Lindsay’s.  I can honestly and proudly say that since being in her energy I have had major room for growth this year and Big Aha moments.

She goes so much deeper. She supports you in a way that allows you to get to the root cause so you can start to move forward, all while finding your own answers to navigate through.  I was able to implement a morning routine that I do 5-6 days a week, incorporating movement mediation and journaling. Something that I dreamt of having for myself as a busy mom for so long and so proud of myself for being able to stay consistent with it.

Her teachings are simple, clear and in a way that allow you to get a massive shift and understanding within yourself. She has helped me to work though some deep inner work, and for that I am so incredibly grateful for.  Thank you so much Lindsay!"

~ Natalie


"Sometime in February of 2019, I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and I came across one of Lindsay's videos. Here was this woman I had never met before, baring her soul and sharing her story of battling obesity. She was so beautiful, so real, and so raw that she brought me to tears that day. I thought about her every day for over a month, until I found the courage to reach out and ask her for help.

I had decided that I was done hating myself. I was finished with being sore and tired all of the time, I was sick of living in a body that I was embarrassed of, and I was sick of always thinking that I was not good enough.  She gave me all of the tools I needed, most importantly, her unconditional support.

My goal in starting this journey was to lose weight, and I did, I lost 60 pounds between April and December of 2019, but more importantly, I gained something;  I now have confidence in every aspect of my life, I am now comfortable in my own skin, and most of all...I love myself again. 

Thank you Lindsay Martin, you have changed my life."


~ Ashley



"I met Lindsay online about 4 years ago. I was in a sad, broken place mentally which reflected on my outside. Bad nutrition, no exercise, nothing to replenish my soul. I knew there had to be more than this. In the last 4 years my journey with her has brought huge changes in my life, mostly on the inside. I originally wanted a quick fix but now know that you have to fix the inside before you can fix the outside. Lindsay promotes a no BS approach to her coaching. She is strong but kind. She doesn’t hold your hand and coddle you BUT will be the first to celebrate and cheer you on your victories. I’m forever grateful I reached out to her and have her in my life!"


~ Julie


"My life has been a rollercoaster of health issues the past 2 and a half years. From heart attack to skin cancer. I had given up any hope on ever being happy or healthy again. But I was inspired and determined everyday to change the way I viewed how my life would be.  Watching Lindsay get up everyday and show up for herself inspired me to get up, move and be present for myself.  I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. So thankful and grateful for my life and where I am today."

~ Sarah


"You are amazing, and such an inspiration to me and for that I’m truly grateful. My life has changed so much since you came into it!  I’m truly happier than I have ever been. I honestly can’t remember ever having this amazing feeling about my life and being so excited about what is next for me.  Your meditations are so helpful to me, and I’ve started doing this every morning and it’s changing my life. You are such a blessing to me in my life and I can only imagine the women you are reaching and helping. I would love to help others just like you one day."

~ Corita



DISCLAIMER: My coaching programs are intended to help motivate, and inspire you to make some positive changes in your life.  I am simply sharing my experience with you, as I believe I can help give you a little perspective to get you unstuck, and on the path to living your best life.

Changing your life takes hard work.  It requires consistent effort, and I cannot guarantee that by taking this course you will take my advice and change your life.  
As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or change your life with my ideas, information, tools, downloads, or strategies.  
I do not know you,  and your results in your life are up to you. 
I just want to help you by giving great content, perspective, and strategies, that worked well in my life.

You should know that all products and services offered by my company are for educational and informational purposes only.

Nothing on my website, or in my courses, or any other content, curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results.
I do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. 

Making decisions or changes based on any information presented in my products or services or website, should be done only with the knowledge I can't guarantee how hard you will work on yourself.

Always consult your own professional advisor before acting on a lifestyle change in your life.

You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold anyone liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

I will always hold myself to an incredibly high standard of integrity, speaking from my heart, being open, honesty and speaking my truth.  

It's why I give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any paid services, books,  or courses. 


You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. Anyway, all of our terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed via the link below.

It’s basic stuff -- Don’t think you’re guaranteed to transform your life, make money easily or at all, consult professionals before starting/operating businesses, understand there is risk in being an entrepreneur, etc -- but I feel transparency is important, and I hold myself (and you) to an incredibly high standard of integrity. That’s why I also put my disclaimers on all our pages, why I give you our contact information for any questions, and why I give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



The contents of any of my programs are for informational purposes only, and are not intended to diagnose any medical condition, replace the advice of your healthcare professional, or provide any medical device, diagnosis, or treatment. 

The information in my programs are not intended to replace or conflict with the advice given to you by your own physician or other health provider.  Any matters concerning your over all health, nutrition, fitness should be discussed with your doctor.  Always consult your physician before adopting any new lifestyle change or routine.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should always speak to their own health care provider.

Personal transformation results vary depending on starting point, goals, and personal effort.  

Always consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program or using any supplement, nutrition plan, or meal replacement product, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or if you have any unique or special medical conditions. 


As stipulated by law I do not guarantee any results, other than the fact that I do provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply ask for a refund within 30 days.



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Always consult your own health care provider before starting any new program.  This is your life, your health, and your responsibility. 

Any testimonials displayed are given verbatim except for the correction of grammatical or typing errors. Some have been shortened, and not the whole message received by the testimonial writer is displayed when it seemed lengthy or not the whole testimonial seemed relevant for the general site visitor.

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All testimonials are reviewed for the authenticity of claims and the individual is verified as a user of our products and services.



I don’t believe in “get rich” programs, and you shouldn't either. I only believe in working hard, relentless action, adding value in the marketplace, serving with love, building a real and professional career, and serving others with excellence on a consistent basis.


My programs are intended to help you to learn how to become a better person, and perhaps also make a difference in the world while growing your personal brand, career, or business.

My programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile adventure, or professional continuing education program.

Please do not enroll in my programs if you believe changing your life will be easy, or that you can have success just by “luck”., or some get rich quick scheme.  I only want serious people dedicated to real life transformation, professional development who want to add value do something excellent in the world with the time they have left.

As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with  my ideas, information, frameworks, tools or strategies.

I do not know you, and changing your life takes time, and success or failure is always up to you, and in your own hands.  I just want to help by giving great content, direction, strategies, motivation, inspiration of what I have personally used to transform my own life.  In no way am I telling you what you should to, or must do with your life. 


I can however guarantee your satisfaction and that I will show up to serve you to the best of my ability; so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of training, you can cancel anytime by sending an email to [email protected], or simply ask for a refund within 30 days.


You should know that all products and services by my company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of my websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and I do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice, but rather my own personal opinion and perspective and free will of speech.  Any financial numbers referenced in my trainings, or on any of my sites, are illustrative of concepts only and should not be considered average earnings, exact earnings, or promises for actual or future performance.


Making decisions based on any information presented in my products, events, services, or web site, should be done only with the knowledge that you could experience risk or losses just like any personal or entrepreneurial endeavour.  Use caution and always consult your own accountant, lawyer or trusted professional advisor before acting on this or any information related to a lifestyle change or your business or finances.


All of our terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed via the link below. It’s basic stuff and really just good old common sense.  Anything worth having and any level of success takes time, dedication, consistency, courage, confidence, effort, focus, diligence, personal drive and personal responsibility.  All things we are solely responsible for in our own life.


Always consult professionals before starting/operating businesses, and understand there is risk in being an entrepreneur, etc -- but I feel transparency is important, and I hold myself (and you) to an incredibly high standard of integrity.


That’s why I also put our disclaimers on all pages, and why I give you our contact information for any questions, and why I give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All rights reserved.

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