Explanted and Born Again

breast augmentation breast explant breast explant surgery breast implant illness Sep 26, 2022

September 26, 2022


It’s been 4 weeks since my breast explant surgery so I thought I'd share a little update.


The truth is...


If I could go back in time 5 years ago I would have stopped myself, gotten on my knees and asked God what he wanted to do in and with my body.


I never once included him in my equation.  


Oddly enough what I discovered over the past 40 years was that anytime I didn't stop, and consult my higher self before making a decision, and just went ahead, it always lead to self-destruction and disaster.


So needless to say, I just went ahead and put something into my body without really considering what I was doing, the toxic chemicals breast implants were actually filled with, or what those consequences might be.


I thank God today for getting me through the worst darkness of my life and in doing so I can be a light for someone else, because the truth is there were many days where I didn't think I was going to make it out alive.


But his strength and that small whisper from within kept me going.  (That small whisper from within will keep you strong and alive too.)


When I shared about my breast explant surgery I had women reach out to me asking WHY.


Why? Because despite looking good on the outside I felt as if I was dying on the inside.


Why?  Because despite my implants coming out "healthy" and all health tests coming back as “normal”, I felt as if I was dying on the inside.


I was definitely not healthy, and what I was going through was not normal.  It was a personal hell that I kept quiet about until today. 


I had some women reach out and after we chatted, one of those women soon discovered that she had recalled implants in her body for who knows how long.  She is currently being tested for a possible cancer.


This is woman #4.


I believe in my whole heart she was guided to that post in Divine perfect timing.  Just like you’ve been guided here too.


So PLEASE if something “feels off” with you, and you’ve literally tried everything consider sitting with yourself. 


Your heart always knows the answer to every single problem you have, but as I know, sometimes you need to go through hell first so you  can appreciate the beauty of true love and inner peace.


Here’s my list of symptoms.



Extreme anxiety and panic attacks

Joint Pain


Blurred vision

Digestion Issues


Hip Pain


Low back pain

Muscle weakness

Numbness in limbs

Ringing ears

Hair loss

Heart palpitations


Short Term Memory Issues


Mood swings


Internal tremors

Right Eye twitching

Intense fear of things I used to excel at (Driving, being alone, travelling alone)

Unexplained weight gain


Inability to form proper sentences at times

Feeling disconnected and zoned out like I’m hung over or drunk


Do I notice a difference after my explant surgery?



Immediately after surgery I looked myself in the eyes and could finally see myself again, and I feel like I’m about to make the biggest comeback in my entire life.    


I fought like hell in the dark these past 4 years and slowly but surely I am rising and authentically shining again.






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