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Jun 14, 2022


When I think about my perfect community and the circle of friends I allow into my life I think of this..


All inclusive.


I’m not afraid to admit that I want it all.  You get one shot at life. Might as well go for the best right?




Regardless of age, race, religion, spiritual beliefs, political affiliation, colour, shape, weight, size, sex, education level, hair colour, vaccination status, clothing choices, location, past history, sexual preference I really don’t care because at the core we are all one and the same.


When I think of the perfect community I think of happiness, health, wholeness, purpose, and living life to the fullest.


When I think of community I think of love, support, encouragement, non-judgement, and belief.


When I think of community I think of connection, celebrations, fun, laughter, dancing, and cheering others on to win.


When I think of community I think of a second family.


But the truth is a lot of people don’t have community, connection, love, family, fun, real deep relationships because they are so consumed with ego and fear.


It’s literally impossible to get anywhere in life when you’re so disconnected from yourself because that means you’ll be disconnected from others too, and all of your relationships will be inauthentic and will feel fake.


Most people that lack love and self-confidence are unhappy, and because they are unhappy in their own lives they can’t be happy for others.  Truthfully I have zero patience and tolerance for people who do their very best to bring others down simply because they aren’t doing more with their own life and looking for others to blame.


When I think of community I think of leadership, self-directed, self-motivated, self-sufficient, self-reliant, and personal freedom.


When I think of community I think of honesty, trust, empowerment, excellence, expertise, education, and positive energy.


When I think of community I think of giving, generosity, service, and big dreamers.


When I think of community I think of standing up for what is right, and not what is easy.


When I think of community I think of focused, efficient, calm, cool, and collected.


When I think of community I think of humility, respect and non-competition.


When I think of community I think of beautifully flawed, imperfect, unique, and total bad ass.


When I think of community I think of relentless, driven, hungry, savage, and a warrior spirit.


When I think of community I think of faith, inner peace, confidence, abundance, growth, and elevation.


When I think of community I think of faith, hope, belief and vision.


When I think of community I think of a select group of high-level, high-quality, high-standard, high-vibe individuals truly LIVING their own life HAPPILY ever after and inspiring others to do the same!


Who you surround yourself with and who you spend your precious time with is everything.


So if you’re ready to RISE this year and you know exactly what you bring to the table, and aren’t afraid to eat alone (if you really have to or want to)…


CLICK HERE and join me and my VIP High Riser Community!



If you're not the right fit, no sweat.  


But if you are the right fit, I am excited, and so can’t wait for you to be part of my life, my community, my second family, my mission and my vision too.









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