Say Yes To You - 50 Things to Give Up

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Often times the situations, and people in our life that make us feel bad are the very things we need to make us feel good.


What do I mean by this?


If you can go back and think of a time, place, situation or person that made you feel bad about yourself you can soon discover that you were carrying inside of you feelings of inadequacy, guilt, shame, regret, insecurity, hate, frustration, poverty, jealousy, envy or fear.


And that is NOT your truth.


Your truth is love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, abundance and self-control.


In order to LEVEL UP in life you must give up something.


After you read my list of 50 things that do not serve you, you'll know what that thing one thing is.  Maybe there are few things you need to let go of.


If you're like the old me, all 50 things will be on this list.


Then it's up to you to decide.


Do you want to go higher and grow into the person you truly are capable of becoming or do you want to stay stuck and continue to feel bad about yourself?


My challenge to you:  Pick something off this list to give up.  When you read it, you'll know EXACTLY what it is as soon as you reach it.




1.  Sleeping in and hitting snooze.

2.  Complaining.

3.  Putting others needs above your own.

4.  Drinking too much alcohol.

5.  Overeating on junk food.

6.  Late night snacking before bed.

7.  Not resting or taking breaks. 

8.  Staying inside and not getting outside in nature everyday. 

9.  3 cups of coffee a day.

10.  Scrolling social media.

11.  Stressing about the future. 

12.  Staying stuck in the past.

13.  Hanging around people who are not changing or growing in life.

14.  Being negative and focusing on what you don't want to have happen.

15.  Not managing your money properly or investing into your future.

16.  Comparing yourself to others.

17.  Judging or criticizing others. 

18.  Worrying about what others think of you.

19.  Being mean, rude or yelling at your kids.

20.  Eating gluten or dairy.

21.  Skipping meals.

22.  Over working.

23.  Over exercising.

24.  Over spending. 

25.  Obsessing about your weight, your body or what you look like.

26.  Isolating and social distancing yourself from real life connection and human beings.

27.  Smoking.

28.  Taking or doing drugs.

29.  Being cheap.

30. Constantly asking others how much something costs.

31.  Taking yourself too seriously. 

32.  Not laughing enough.

33.  Self-doubt and insecurity.

34.  Watching the news.

35.  Rushing through life.

36.  Ordering take-out.

37.  Not asking for help or hiring help sooner.

38.  Focusing on material possessions like money, cars, clothing and homes.

39.  Skipping church and not reading your bible.

40.  Letting others define your worth.

41.  Not speaking or standing up for yourself.

42.  Gossiping at the water cooler.

43.  Doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.

44.  Not drinking enough water.

45.  Staying up too late.

46.  Always showing up late or barely on time.

47.  Holding on to past grudges.

48.  Not forgiving yourself or others. 

49.  Not giving or donating 10% of what you earn to a worthy cause.

50.  Not having a bigger vision for your life.



Today I encourage you to sit with yourself, grab your journal and think deeply about all the things you are doing right now that are currently not serving you or your family.


Then make a commitment to yourself to start saying YES to you.


Then think long and hard about the things you are currently saying yes to because you are "feeling bad" or "guilty" about something.  


Often times that's pure self-rejection and that my friend won't be getting you very far in life.


Only say yes to the things and people you really want in your life, be strong, keep going, stand firm in your conviction, don't waiver, don't cower, and don't quit.


If you stumble, fall, or fail, that's okay.  It's part of the process, so pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward!


The world desperately needs you on your A game.


Have the most beautiful day.





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Your new beginning and your new life starts the minute you say yes to you!


See you in there!



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