Self Care All Summer Long

Jul 12, 2023

There's is nothing better than getting ready for that next vacation, but really, don't just wait for a reason to take care of yourself.  Make your self care not only a summer long thing, but a forever thing!

Here are some of my top favourite things to do for self-care to get you feeling (and looking your absolute best this summer).  This list does not include the obvious things like eating well, working out, drinking your water, and meditating daily. 


1.  Book a facial for yourself  There is nothing better than laying there while someone so gently takes care of your face for you.  Then add in a scalp massage, an arm massage and a back massage while you're at it.  Taking care of your face and going for a facial every season change will not only make you feel so refreshing but it will have you looking refreshed too!


2.  Get your wax on !  Quite honestly there is nothing more awkward than a brazilian waxing, but these 25 minutes of torture will have you worry free and feeling confident come bikini season.  While you're at it get your upper lip on your face waxed too.  Might as well tackle both sets of lips at the same time. 


3.  Manicure and pedicure.  Go every 2 weeks and take your husband with you to get his feet done too. 


4.  Get your hair done professionally every 6-8 weeks.  Enough said I think on this one.  


5.  Splurge on a new purse, wallet, phone case, and makeup.   Think bright, colourful and fun!  Get rid of anything worn out and keep the places where you store your money crisp, clean and tidy.  Next get rid of all your makeup and buy new stuff for the summer!  There's nothing better!


6.  Put your kids in day camp for the week and go out on a date every day with your spouse. Go buy yourself some sexy new outfits, find reasons to celebrate and just go out.  Can't go out during the day?  No problem.  Hire a sitter, and go out at night.  Have a shot of tequila while you're at it.  


7.  Get a new book to read.  Skip the usual personal development and pick up a juicy romance novel to read.  


8.  Book a few nights alone in a hotel.  Especially for you Momma's out there.  Book a room, order room service, buy some chips, wine, and spend the evening watching movies like Eat, Pray, Love or Pretty Woman. 


9.  Skip the hot theme parks, cottages, trailer parks, dirty lakes, public beaches and zoos.   Does this make me sound like a bad mother?  Does it make you a bad mother if you hate these things too?  Nope.  Is there anything worse than using a dirty public restroom with toilet paper all over the damn floor at a theme park when it's 40 degrees outside?  How about using an out house at a petting zoo?  What about just getting settled at the beach and then your toddler hates the sand, and needs to go pee again?  What about cooking and cleaning all week long at a cottage?  How about trying to keep an eye on your kids at a water park filled with 500 kids or splash pad?  Is that really "fun" Moms?  Don't you want a real break?  Don't you want to relax?  Is sleeping in a tent or trailer with 3 kids and no air conditioning really THAT fun?  Fuck no.  Read my next point.


10.  Book a luxury vacation, tell no one, and leave your phone off.  That's right.  Bite the bullet and go to wherever your heart leads you.  Think luxury.  5 star.  Not cheap.  Room service.  Meals cooked and served right to you.  Sacred and magical.  You deserve it.


Have the most incredible summer!  







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