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decluttering organization work form home May 11, 2022

An organized, simplified life with less clutter and distractions will lead you to a life of calm, peace, and focus.


You'll also be able to accomplish way more in a short amount of time.


Stress, rush, panic, chaos, and the low level standard of being a “hot mess” is a choice, and all of the above can be removed from your life with a well organized and efficient life that’s set up for you to win.


Your next level is on the other side of chaos, fear, stress, distractions and excuses.


Once you master and graduate from the level you’re currently on, you get to advance, but today so many people want that next level, but they can't even handle the stress of where they are, so here are some tips.


Tip #1:  You deserve to be happy, healthy, abundant, and live the life you've dreamed of.  Knowing you're worth it is always the first step.  You never want to show up because you don't think you're enough, have enough, or are operating from a space of lack.


Tip #2:  Set your intention the night before.  What will you do when you wake up?  What will you eat for breakfast? How will you move your body?  What time will you workout?  What time do you need to be ready?  How do you want to feel?  What do you need to have ready? Your morning routine always starts the night before.


Tip #3:  You first, always. Your morning routine will set you up to win the rest of the day.  Meditate, journal, pray, listen to God, look at your goals, ask for guidance, think about your purpose and your vision for your life, feel it as if you are already living your dream, then map out what you need to do in terms of making progress in your life, and be sure to fuel your body, move your body, then shower, get yourself ready, or just relax for a bit.  How you spend your time is totally up to you.


Tip #4:  Organize your space, and clean out your purse, car or wallet.  Spend 1  hour just getting your home, office, vehicle, or finances in order.  You can do this anytime.  On your work break, lunch hour, after you put the kids to bed, but be sure to get your outter world set up for you to win.  A cluttered space, a cluttered office, a cluttered vehicle, and a cluttered  purse or wallet won't get you very far for that means your mind is also cluttered, and that will only leave you less focused and more distracted and scattered.


Tip #5:  Focus on this day.  Not tomorrow, not 6 months from now.  If you go too far ahead, overwhelm and panic will set it and you will be defeated.  Anytime you feel disconnection, stop, breathe, reset yourself, and focus on today.  That's all you need to do.  Take it one breath at a time.


Tip #6:  Nourish your body.  Go to the grocery store and just think about what you're going to eat tomorrow.  A healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Shop accordingly and be sure to pick food choices that are wholesome and will make you feel good.  Stick to real food like organic protein sources, fruits, veggies, carbs, nuts, seeds, oils, and limit junk food.


Tip #7:  Show up.  Even if you don't feel like it.  You'll always have excuses, and you'll alway have reasons why you can't.  See those excuses and small stories, and choose not to listen to that small voice in your head trying to take you down. Show up, do the best you can, and keep going.  Loving yourself is a life long journey that doesn't stop.  Show up for yourself every day.


Tip #8:  Listen to music, or motivational videos that inspire and empower you.  Stop hanging around people, or listening to people who are negative.  Stop vocalizing your problems, or what is wrong with you.  Demand more from yourself, and refuse to speak negative, ill, or toxic statements out into the world about yourself or other people.  Your environment is everything, and that starts with you.


Tip #9:  Drink your water, get 7-8 hours of sleep, shut off all distractions and focus on your own life.


Tip #10:  For more free tips and resources that will change your life go to and sign up today.


Always invest in yourself first, for this will change everything.  If you are ready to make this year the most phenomenal year of your life, then I would love to be your mentor.

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