Stop Judging People and Just Love Them

life transformation spiritual awakening spiritual health Jul 23, 2023


Stop judging people and just love them. 


Perhaps this is the hardest life lesson of all...  To love others as we would love ourself.


When you have awakened to the truth of your being, you will come to understand that we are all one and the same to some degree. 


While we look different, we all have the same powerful life force pumping through our veins, and we all have the same unconditional love radiating from our hearts. 


But as we go through life we experience pain, suffering, defeat, heartache, loss, rejection, trauma, and grief.  It is in those broken moments our hearts harden and instead of embodying love, we start to bleed out anger, rage, and hate.


We stop trusting, we feel threatened, we blame others, and we retaliate with more pain.  


We block, we shield, we sue, we fight, we hide, we isolate, we continue to bleed out into the world until we stop and decide that it’s not worth the fight, and that our own inner peace, health, and happiness is worth way more to us.    

We decide that there is a better way to do life and that we never had to do, or be anything other than the loving person we were created to be. 


It is in our darkest moments where we learn the greatest life lessons of all.


We learned how our intentions were off and how we had hidden agendas that only served our needs.


We learned how we were focused on the wrong things.

We learned how cruel and mean we could become towards others.


We learned how not to trust people and how to fend for ourselves and continue to suffer alone.


We learned that life can be downright cruel and unfair at times.


We learned how playing the victim gives us permission to keep being less than.


We learned to lie and be inauthentic to ourselves and to others.


We learned just how much we missed out on by pursuing the wrong things.


We learned that our old way of doing life never served us and will never serve us.


We learned that if something costs us our peace, center of love, and happiness it’s just not worth it.


We learned that in the end the only thing that matters is love, and that despite what has happened in our past we still get to decide what we want our life to really be about and how we are going to show up to the world.


We learned that what we do to others is already done to us, and eventually it will all come back around to us full circle.


We learned that long standing anger and resentment only cause disease and illness in our own bodies.


We learned that our deep-rooted fears ruin our lives, our relationships, our bank accounts, and that sooner or later we must face all fears head on if we want to be free.


We learned that it feels way better to love and nourish ourselves and our bodies, than it does to hate, attack, and abuse our bodies.


We learned that bigger, better, more doesn’t bring us confidence and true joy but rather we simply were insecure about what we had and were trying to desperately prove ourselves, and our worth to others.


We learned that adding more to our lives and our bodies to find happiness, inner peace, and contentment only weighed us down, took more of our time, and made our bodies weak.


We learned that working harder, self-neglect, not resting and pushing ourselves to the point of exhaustion and burnout doesn’t produce results and only slows us down in the long run.


We learned that slow, steady, happy, healthy, present, alive, strong, confident, consistent, well rested, relaxed, centered, focused, grounded, whole, purposeful, intentional, connected, organized, fully prepared, and joyful always wins the race. 


We learned that no amount of supplements, vitamins, drugs, special drinks or lotions can help heal something on a spiritual level.


We learn that a death of something or someone in our life is not the ending, but rather a new beginning, and a new life.


We learned that only God knows what is best for his children, and that we have all the answers to every single problem already within us.


We learned that no amount of stressing over what could be or worrying about the past will change it.


We learned that real beauty always starts from within and that a negative attitude will never get you very far in life.


We learned that judging someone else regardless of who they are or what they have done doesn’t hurt us, but it only hurts ourselves.


Above all else, we learned that God really is for us, and that really is a beautiful thing.


We carry judgement in our bodies.  We carry pain in our muscles.  We carry hate, anger, and fear in our bellies and in our digestive track, and the only way to be truly happy, healthy and free is to love others as you would love yourself.


The only way to be truly happy is to release all judgement towards yourself and others and to truly forgive anything, and anyone that has ever steered you away from the center of love, and that includes yourself.


Are you loving yourself?

Are you nourishing yourself?

Are you kind to yourself?

Are you proud of yourself?

Are you accepting of yourself?

Are you celebrating yourself?

Are you honouring yourself?

Are you trusting yourself? 

Are you believing in yourself?


For until you come home to yourself and embody the true spirit of unconditional love, you won’t be able to see the greatness in others as you do yourself, nor will you be able to truly live happy and peacefully.


Know that each person on this planet has their own path and their own spiritual lessons to learn.  Everyone that we come into contact can feel our energy and they can also feel our judgement and what we are truly thinking about them. 


It's not up to us to decide what is right or best for another human being. 


It's not right for us to judge someone else without truly knowing their path or what is going on in their life or within their hearts. 


We can only make sure that we are filled with love, that we continue to grow, and that we have our life right with God.  What others choose to do with their life is their own business.

Love yourself first. 


Work hard on yourself first and trust that the rest will fall naturally into place for you without fighting, pushing, striving, controlling, worrying, stressing, judging, or trying to win. 


You have already won and knowing that will set you (and others) free.


Have the most beautiful day.





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