10 Life Lessons High Intuitive People Must Know

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We are all connected by one divine mind, the Source of all creation.  That means the thoughts we think, and the energy we are putting out there into the world is all felt by those we come into contact with.


That is why becoming the master of your own mind and your thoughts is critical if you want to be happy, healthy and free.  That being said, as you come into contact with people throughout the day, if you are a highly intuitive person and you are not careful you can absorb the negative energies of those around you, and that negative energy can bring you down.


Pay very close attention to how you feel when you are alone, versus when someone else comes into the room. 


Say for example you are at the gym working out and you're feeling great.  In walks someone who is negative, feeling bad about themselves, thinking negatively towards you for taking up space, judging you, and picking themselves apart on the inside, you might start to take on their negative energies and your mind will begin to be flooded with negative thoughts.  

You might think that those racing thoughts in your head are yours to carry, but in fact they are someone else's.  Noticing this and how you feel will be the first step to taking your power back and blocking the flow of negative energy.  Simply reject it, and give it back to where it came from.  Reject any negativity that comes into your space, and ground yourself in feeling good and feeling the love within yourself.


Being a kind, gentle, and highly sensitive and intuitive person with a big heart is a super power, but it also comes with some big challenges.  If you are not careful you can be taken advantage of, feel bad for others, get yourself into stressful situations, get sick, gain weight, and you can start to attract people into your life who will try to bring you down. 

Here are 10 life lessons and perhaps some tips so you can stay happy and healthy:  


1.  Feeling bad for someone else only ever comes at the expense of yourself and your own health.  Some people heal, let go, move forward and use their pain for a purpose and go on to do extraordinary things with their life.  Some people don’t and choose to sit there and blame everyone else for their problems and continue to play the victim.  Your only job is to feel good about yourself, and do work that makes you happy. Sure you can hold space for people and listen to their problems, but no amount of feeling bad for someone will actually help them.  We were all created equal and we all have greatness within.  Always honour that greatness within yourself, and see that greatness in others, but never lose yourself trying to change someone or try to fix their life for them.


2.  It is in our darkest moments we realize who we truly are and what we have personally done to make our life the disaster it is.  Self mastery is all about turning inward and discovering who you truly are.  It's all about taking life as it comes and learning the lessons.  While some things are unavoidable and we cannot control what other people do, or what has happened in our past, we each have a responsibility to take full ownership over our lives and the direction of it.  Be kind to everyone you meet, but listen to those inner signals, creepy vibes, lies, and red flags when you're around someone who's just giving off bad energy.  Bless and release them.  You create your own world and your own reality by the thoughts you think and the choices you make in the present moment.  You get to decide who you allow into your life.  Make sure the choices you are making and the thoughts you are thinking is something you'd actually want to create for yourself in the future.  


3.  Always stand proud in who you are.  Stand proud in the fact that you have always operated with the highest of faith, and the purest of intentions.  Stand strong and confident in who you are and what you are about. Know that some people will simply not like you because of your good positive energy.  Keep being happy and positive anyway.


4.  Eventually everyone’s true colours always come out.  It is in our most challenging times where our true colours are always exposed.  Sometimes its easy to get angry at others for how they have treated us, or who they truly are once their true colours come out, but you continue to shine and do good in this world with the gifts and blessings you have been given.  God always keeps a record, and knows who did what and who has been kind, generous and faithful.  Always stay true to who you are even in the tough times.  The  payoff and reward will be far greater than anything that anyone has ever done to you.


5.  Be confident.  In order to live your best life, you must put down your own deep rooted fears, insecurities and feelings of unworthiness.  To must lay it all to rest so you can live the life God intended you to live.  This work is very hard at times, but it's worth it.  Stay connected to your inner wisdom and knowing and keep showing up for yourself.  Keep meditating, and keep honouring yourself.  Every day that you rise you get better.


6.  Focus on what matters most.  A lot of people are only after money. They get scared, they are greedy, they are only focused on themselves, and they fear that there is never enough to go around, and their intentions are grounded in a space of lack.  That will always come back around to them resulting in more lack.  Chances are anytime you have been focused solely on money your life might have gone well for a brief period of time, and you might have had some short term success, but you didn't have inner peace, love, happiness, time, and joy.  Focus on all the things you love and remove money from the equation.  Not only will you have inner peace, love, time and joy, but you'll also have a lot of money too.  


7.  What goes around always comes back around so always wish others well.  Wish them love and peace.  Wish them increase in their finances or business.  Wish them success.  Wish them happiness and health.  Wish them blessings and healing.  You will know you have grown spiritually when you are able to pray and send love to those who have hurt you in the past or betrayed your trust.  Don't carry around any hate or negativity within you.  It will only weigh you down.


8.  Move on from your pain and suffering and live your life happily ever after.  You do not have to be a super hero and save the world.  You do not need to carry the weight for others, or sacrifice yourself, your family, or your health.  You can choose to put yourself first and live your life happy.  Your true gifts and real purpose in life will always make room for you.


9.  Practice choosing yourself over and over again until it becomes a habit.  The mind of fear and ego will try to distract you and take you off course.  It will try to get you to do things you really don’t want to do.  It will try to bring you down to lower level habits and routines that no longer serve you.  You, your health, and your family come first above anything and anyone else.  Everything else can wait. 


10.  Many people unconsciously create problems, Illnesses, pain, and diseases so that they can rest, be taken care of by others, loved, recognized, validated, praised, nurtured, and paid attention to.  The payoff they receive is years taken off their life as they try to get from others what only they can give to themselves.  They’ve yet to understand that they don’t need to create problems, illnesses, pain or diseases in order to receive love, rest, praise, validation, nurturing and attention.  Always pay attention and take care of yourself first.  Love, notice, praise, validate, and nurture yourself as you would a small child.  No need to run yourself into the ground trying to get from others what you can so freely give to yourself. 


When it comes to your life and living it in a way that feels good and right to you, you must begin to tap into your inner intuitive side.  Living a spiritual life and having a spiritual practice and a connection to a source greater than yourself will be the only way for one to truly live a life of happiness, peace, ease, simplicity, fun, joy, abundance, freedom and excitement.


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