Only High Quality People

Apr 07, 2024


As you know, you must be your own best friend first. 


This is the starting foundation of incredible relationships in your life.


But as you continue to grow and work on yourself you need to be mindful of who you choose to surround yourself with.


Some people are on a path of growth and truly want to see what they are capable of in this lifetime.


Others are aging, but not actually growing in life.  These are the people you need to distance yourself from.

Sometimes if you hang around people who are aging, but not growing in life they can begin to suck the life out of you and if you're not careful they can make you feel bad simply because their own negative energy is spreading.


Greatness requires you to stand strong in who you truly are and continue to shine.  So today, I wanted to share with you 15 types of people you don't want to hang out with.


1.  Negative Nancy.  Negative Nancy has nothing good to say about anything or anyone.  She is the glass half empty kind of person and never sees the good in anything or anyone.  Bless and release.


2.  Money Hungry Maria.  Money hungry Maria is your typical employee stuck in a dead end job.  She does an excellent job, but always talks about how overworked and under paid she is.  She's constantly complaining about the cost of gas and groceries and blaming the Government. Don't have lunch with Maria. Instead go for walk and continue to be grateful for all of the abundance you have in your life.


3.  Back Stabbing Brittney.  Back stabbing Brittney will talk about anyone behind their back including her best friend and siblings.  She knows everyone else's business because she likes to sit there and creep people on Facebook.  Keep your mouth shut around her because you'll be the next gossip topic when she runs into someone else. 


4.  Control Freak Connie.  The energy shifts when you're in her presence.  She is inflexible and exhausting to be around especially on vacation.  It's her way or no way.  When it comes to her children she's rude, inflexible, and doesn't trust them.    Get away from her as soon as possible.


5. Judgemental Judy.  Judy hasn't learned an important spiritual truth yet.  She doesn't understand that what she judges in someone else is a direct reflection of what's going on in her own life.   She's negative, jealous, and can't be happy for anyone.  She will tell you everything is great in her life but you can tell immediately she's full of shit.  After she judges and talks about others behind their back what she is really doing is spilling the beans in her own life.  You'll soon find out she's in financial difficulty, her credit cards are maxed out, or is unhappy in her marriage.  Smile and nod and let her keep talking while you say nothing.


6.  Stuck in the Past Patty.  OH... "the good old days."  Any time you talk to her she's stuck in what happened 15 years ago.  She's not working towards anything and all she talks about is last year, or what happened to her 5 years ago. She's quite comfortable waiting to retire, and not doing anything more with her life.    


7.  Unhealthy Helen.  There's always something wrong with Helen.  She's always going to the doctors or getting some test or diagnosis of what's wrong with her but she doesn't do the work to get better.  She just likes to sit there and complain and always likes to keep busy.


8.  Lazy Lucinda.   Lucinda always wants something for nothing and it's always someone else's fault as to why she's not further ahead in life.    Lazy Lucinda doesn't workout, she doesn't take care of herself, and she is always talking about how awful she looks or how old she's getting.



9.  Addicted Anna.  Anna looks 70, but she's only 40.  She likes to yell at her kids, rushes them off to bed, and then sits there and drinks wine and scroll social media and stays in an abusive relationship.  Let Anna go and let her bottom out and then she will wake up and come to her senses.  You can talk until you're blue in the face but until she's ready to take control over her own life what you say to her will not sink in.


10.  No Connection Cindy.  Talking to Cindy is like talking to a potted plant.  Cindy isn't in there for she's off in her own head thinking about other things.  She's anxious, stressed, and you can't go to her for anything because she's not connected or emotionally present.  She'll forget your conversation anyways so save your breath.



11.  Last Minute Lisa.  Everything is rushed, stressed, and she's never on time.  Nothing is every planned and she is just flying by the seat of her pants.  Do yourself a favour and find friends who show up for you on time and are relaxed, calm, and can manage their time properly.



12.  So Busy Bethany.  She's always so busy and is always rushed even in conversation.  She's constantly on the go and doesn't understand why her kids have anxiety, anger issues, and don't want to go to school.  Let Bethany go.  Life will eventually slow her down with a wake up call, a health scare or an accident of some sort and force her to sit, relax, and value her life more.



13.  No Goals Gloria.  Gloria likes to sit there at her job and wait until she retires.  She's quite comfy where she is but in the same breath will talk about how she can't afford to buy her kids the name brand shoes they want and prefers to go to the thrift store even though her kids hate it.   She's yet to realize her own true potential because she hasn't learned anything new since she graduated college 20 years ago and is limited in her own mind and thinking.



14.  Jealous Julie.  You can't talk about the incredible things that are going on in your life because you'll feel Julie's jealously instantly.  Let Julie go.  Real friends are happy for you and only want the best for you.



15.  Exhausting Elsa.  Elsa is in competition with everyone else and all she talks about is her new car, the renovations she's doing on her house,  how important she is at her job and how amazing she is.  The only thing she has to talk about is herself and the new pool she's putting in. 



You see, you want to surround yourself only with HQP - High Quality People.

High quality people are healthy, happy, positive, uplifting, empowering, present, confident, strong, resilient, trustworthy, and are always working towards something of meaning and true significance in their life.


They are supportive, kind, loving and only want the best for you.


They take excellent care of themselves and their family and always put their needs first.  They do what they say they are going to do and always show up on time.  


They have very high standards, tremendous self-worth, and know who they are.  



They are full of faith and courage and are deeply connected to something bigger.

So as you continue to grow and evolve into your best self know that some people don't get to come along with you into the next chapter of your life because if they do, they might bring YOU down and stunt your personal growth.



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