How to Find Your Purpose In Life

life transformation Oct 21, 2022

Nothing can compare with the feeling when you wake up in the morning and you know you're doing what you're meant to be doing.


In fact, your work doesn't feel like work.  It feels like magic.


It's not hard, and you surely don't dread Mondays.  

Living your life on purpose is really why you're here.  You are here to be of service to something bigger than yourself. 


It's finding out who you really are then spending each waking moment living your dream, because the truth is we only get one go around.


If you're not living your dream, you're living in hell.


Many people wake up and go to jobs they hate or that barely pay the bills.  They wait until payday.  They wait for the weekend, and then they think that the world owes them something for their lack of love in life.


The world is full of love, freely offering you everything you desire, but if you're not open to it, and you haven't made room for it in your heart and soul, you'll continue to be stuck.

You were born with tremendous greatness inside of you so you must always rise and choose to do the hard work on yourself, and then align with the life that God intended for you to have.  


You don't find your purpose.

You were born with purpose and your purpose will come to you when you're ready.  Every step you've taken, every wrong turn and detour along your path back home was perfect and planned.

Nothing was wasted, and each step was in fact needed for your growth.  The question you need to ask yourself is are you growing, learning, and getting better, or are you choosing to stay a victim?


While you might have thought you were lost, you were actually in fact being found and that's a beautiful thing.


So where does one even begin?


Well it starts with that deep inner feeling and longing for something more.  


You sit there and ask yourself "is this really it" and often times that comes with intense feelings of depression, frustration, anger, and despair.  Then life will hand you a test.

The test comes in the form of a trauma, a heartache, a challenge and your one and only job is to overcome it and become more.

The pain, and the lonely isolation period is in fact needed, but it's what you do in that period of struggle and isolation that makes all the difference.

Meditation, reflection, and taking full ownership and responsibility over your life is key.

You can't stay stagnant. You must be flexible and be willing to have courage, bravery and to really put yourself out there because if you don't you'll stay in hiding forever.


Just know that as you grow and expand your purpose will change and evolve too.  What you once loved in your 20's no longer fills you up in your 40's.  

What was once important to you in your 30's, you really could care less about in your 60's.


What you thought you wanted, isn't want God wants, and that's where the test comes in.  


Do you follow that soft whisper from within that's getting you to face all your fears and step into the unknown or do you stay where it's "safe and comfy" and allow your soul to continue to die a little more with each passing day?


The cost for not trying is far too pricey.

Be open to learning.  Be open to failing.  Be open to trying something new.  Be open to doing the work to uncover and unlock why you are here and what only you were created to do.  Be open to bravery and courage.  Be open to vulnerability and really putting yourself out there.

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