A Fall Into Grace

life transformation spiritual awakening spiritualhealth Mar 06, 2023

The high was incredible.  


The thrill, the excitement, the fun, the laughter. It was all there.  


In that rise she felt seen.  She felt recognized.  She felt important.  She felt worthy.  She felt appreciated.  She felt unstoppable.  She felt accepted.  She felt like she mattered.  She felt more alive than she had felt in years.


Then the high stopped.  


The people she got her love and recognition from disappeared.  


She felt unseen. She felt rejected.  She felt like she didn't matter.  She felt dead on the inside.  


Then, the low started. 


The fall was lonely.  No one was around to catch her until she bottomed out and hit her knees.


Like a tiny caterpillar, alone and struggling to breakout of the darkness, something beautiful emerged on the other side. 


A beauty and love so delicate, rare, and pure that being loved, seen, accepted, and recognized by others no longer mattered to her because for the first time she was able to love, see, accept, recognize and appreciate herself.


For the first time she mattered, she was important, she was worthy, and for the first time she believed it.


The high was incredible, but the low is where she found herself.  The low is where she discovered her own set of wings and learned how to fly.



~ Lindsay Rose Martin



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