10 Ways to Stay Connected

life transformation spiritual awakening spiritual health Jul 09, 2023

We live in a world today where everyone is connected, and yet in truth they are completely disconnected from reality and from others.  They are connected to their devices, and yet when they are with their families they are disconnected from themselves and from love.

Your life is meant to be full of love, vibrancy, and energy, but for many they have lost that connection and they don't even know who they are, or what they want anymore.

In order to be fully connected you must be intentional about practicing being present and you must practice this every single day for the rest of your life because it's easy to become detached from your true source of love.

When disconnection happens your mind has you going around in circles and you'll be in pain.  When someone is purely identified with form, their body, or their surroundings it's like a drug addict thinking about their next hit.  They are not present with their family and they are only thinking about what's next, what they can get more of, and how they can be better, or get what they want.

When someone is completely consumed with fear and ego, they will only be focused on their body, and how they are feeling, and this is where pain and suffering comes into play. 

Any person who is not fully connected to themselves is suffering.  Any person who is stuck in the past or is completely consumed about getting somewhere in the future is suffering.  Any person who is not fully connected to love and inner peace is suffering and sadly so is their family.  

So today here are 10 ways to stay fully connected to yourself.


1.  Gratitude.  When you rise each morning simply look in the mirror and say thank you.  You are here and you have a life force within you that has called you to be something and to fulfill a purpose on this planet.  When you rise, give thanks for your life, your body, and the ability to serve today.  If you are here God isn't finished with you yet.  Writing what you are grateful in a journal every single day is also a beautiful practice.  


2.  Delete Apps.  If Instagram is sucking all of your time away, delete the app.  If you are feeling bad after spending hours of your life scrolling social media, delete the app.  If you are judging others or are in a negative space anytime you scroll, delete the app.  Problem solved.  You can't consume what's not there.


3.  Meditation.  Being still, breathing and connecting to the presence of love within you is the one daily practice that will change your life the most.  Meditation is a practice, so at first your mind and your thoughts will be going crazy, but once you continue to practice your connection to love and God will run deep and that connection will happen rather quickly with enough time alone with yourself and practice.  Deep within you are all the answers and solutions to every problem or fear you've ever had.  Don't go outside of yourself for the solutions.  Your higher self already knows so sit with yourself and just see how magical you really are.


4.  Eat Healthy.  When you are eating healthy and eating the way that you know you should be eating your connection to yourself is much stronger.  Unhealthy food blocks the flow, but eating well keeps the channel open.  When you eat healthy you feel great, you are happy and you are able to do more.  Eat healthy food and remain consistent with it.  Avoid fast food, pre-packaged meals, drugs, cigarettes, excessive alcohol consumption, and aim to make simple meals at home that fuel your body.


5.  Move Your Body.  Exercising and moving your body is not torture. It's a way to release any negative energy or stuck emotions that are residing in your body.  It's also a way to ensure you have a strong body to sustain you through life.  Your body is your temple.  Honour it and move it the way it deserves.  Aim to move 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes a day.  Listen to your body and do what you feel is right and best for you.  Pushing your body to extremes can result in injury so always know when to stop.  If you're doing anything that's not right, you'll have a little whisper from within that will like say "this is stupid"... so stop anything that's not good for you.  Put on music, dance around and just get the energy flowing!


6.  Allow Yourself to Rest.  If you're constantly busy, and constantly doing something you have no time to allow something new to come into your life.  Connecting to your higher self often requires you to rest and relax.  When your body is stressed, or tense chances are you might just keep on going and think that you need to work harder or do more in order to get ahead.  You don't.  Sometimes what you need is rest, and time away from what you are doing.  Then you are able to come back refreshed and energized.


7.  Family Time.  A lot of busy people tend to burn themselves out and then they don't have time for their families.  Their ego will try to push others away and isolate them, when what they really need is connection with those they love.  Challenge that voice of fear within and question it.  When it's trying to pull you away from others, see if what you really want is to spend time with those you love instead.  Connection with loved ones and family is important so plan something where you are able to focus only on your family and nothing else.  Distance yourself from those who make you feel bad or zap your energy.


8.  Get Outside in Nature.  In a world full of people who stay inside in their big beautiful homes and sit in front of phone screens all day, aim to be outside as much as possible, and leave your phone at home when you go out.


9.  Take Care of Yourself More.   Taking care of yourself is not selfish.  It's a necessity.  That means that in order to be your best, you must feel your best.  So do what your heart and soul truly longs for.  If you really want to read a book instead of doing laundry, read the book.  Eating better, exercising, and loving yourself is so important, but really taking care of yourself and that inner child of yours will be a deeper spiritual practice.  Ask yourself what you really need and wait for the answers.  Maybe you need a bubble bath, to go shopping, a trip to the spa, a 4 day vacation alone, or maybe you need to enjoy that pizza or your favourite chocolate bar.  You will know what it is you need, so honour yourself.


10.  Find Something you Love to Do.  If you're doing something you don't love, and that doesn't make you feel excited, don't do it, or find a way you can stop doing it.  That includes work and anything else in between.  Your life is meant to be joyful and easy, not a constant struggle.  Sit with yourself and list out all the things you love to do and that bring you to life when you do them.  Find a way to do those things more because when you are feeling love, you're fully connected to who you were created to be.


Being connect to yourself and love is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family.  So get up, sit with yourself, meditate and simply breathe.  Say thank you for this beautiful life of yours and do everything in your power to be the person you were created to be.


Have the most beautiful day.







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