Releasing Pain on the Right Side of Your Body

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Your body is full of energy and as we go through life we experience pain, situations, and circumstances that alter our sense of self and that pain can cause long lasting issues that if left untreated can begin to manifest in other ways.

If you are experiencing pain of any kind on the right side of your body, it’s a clear indication that there is an energy block that needs to be tended to.  You never want to go to the doctor for drugs because that will just mask the pain. You want to get to the root cause of the pain so that you can be drug free and pain free for life.

When you are balanced and living in harmony with your truth and your body is filled with love, you will not experience pain of any kind.  When you are unbalanced, not in harmony with your truth and your body is not filled with love you will experience pain.  Low back pain, knee pain, tension, shoulder pain, and swollen lymph nodes in your neck, breast, and hip area are a clear indication that you need to let go of something.


Toxic thoughts, unprocessed emotions, internal fears, limiting beliefs and negative thinking carry more pain than you think.  Low back pain generally means you might have worries about finances or feel a lack of support in their life.  Low back pain could also mean insecurity, rejection of yourself, abandonment issues, addiction issues or a deep wound that has to do with your mother.  Any leg pain or knee pain could indicate that you are inflexible, stubborn, refuse to change, and you have worried about moving forward in your life, or you are unsure of what the future holds for you.


Your right side the body is all about masculine energy.  It has to do with self confidence and belief in yourself.  It has to do with attention, love, connection, and safety.  If you grew up in a home where you didn’t have a father figure you could go to for emotional support or connect with, or you had a father figure who always got mad at you or blew off the handle any time you got hurt, or anytime you went to him for safety, love, and comfort you might have a blockage, and that blockage could be manifesting as pain.


If you only got attention when you were hurt, or when something bad happened to you, you might unconsciously be creating more pain and suffering in your life to gain the attention you so desperately need in your life right now.  

The good news is that you can give this attention to yourself, and you have a heavenly Father who so freely loves you unconditionally and provides for you.  You can love yourself and heal yourself simply by sitting alone with yourself in meditation and filling your body with love. 

When you sit in meditation and you connect to your breath, and you connect to the source of all creation (aka God or whatever you choose to believe in) you can receive healing and you will know exactly what is wrong with you and what you can do to heal yourself.  This healing is unique and individual to every person on this planet, and only once you connect with your higher self will you be able to uncover why your body is in pain and what needs to be healed and released.

Another reason you might be experiencing pain in the right side of your body is you are attacking and rejecting a certain body part.  If you have any pain in your body, ask yourself if you have been attacking anything on the right side of your body.  Are you picking at your face?  Are you focused on a certain body part that you want to change on that side of the body?  Are you fixated on your imperfections?  When you are in meditation and connected to your breath do a body scan and put your hand on any pain on your body.  Breathe into that area and listen to anything that comes up for you.  


You could have experienced a trauma as a child, you could have inflicted pain on yourself or tried to harm yourself.  You could have had an accident as a child and that pain, and those unprocessed emotions attached to that trauma are still stuck in your body.  Your body holds onto everything, so ensuring you do this on a regular basis to clear and release any blockages is key. 


One other reason you could experience pain on the right side is that you have someone of a masculine energy that you need to forgive and make peace with.  Is there someone that you need to forgive?  Are you judging your own father for anything?  Were you rejected by a male and are you holding onto that hurt?  Are you angry at a male figure in your life?  Think about this, for only you will know the answer.  Finding forgiveness in your heart and letting it all go will be the only way to truly set yourself free.


A good time to do this deep inner spiritual work is first thing in the morning right after you have moved your body or exercised. Because you are shifting energy, daily movement is key, but if you want to go deeper into releasing and healing your body, meditation and deep inner body work is great to do after you have exercised for a least 20-30 minutes.  As you cool down and stretch, it’s a perfect time to relax even more and just listen to what your body is telling you.

As you do this work you might begin to experience crying spells.  You might find yourself sobbing uncontrollably.  Allow these tears to come up and out of you.  Allow any stored emotions like anger, rage, sadness, grief, and disappointment to come up and out of you.  Allow your body to move, shake, or tremble in any way that feels right or best.  Whether you go back in time and feel sadness, anger, loneliness, frustration, let it all come up, for it must come up and you must feel it in order for the pain to get out of you.  Chances are when you go back and nurture yourself the way you would a small child, you will feel sadness for the love and nurturing that you never received at the time.  Hold yourself, comfort yourself, and be gentle with yourself.


Now that you are a grown adult you can parent yourself and you can love and nurture yourself the way you truly deserve.  Once the energies are balanced, you will notice that your body feels great, your complexion improves, your gut health improves, you feel lighter, and you are more focused, present, aligned, and in balance and harmony with everyone around you.  If you are feeling off, feeling pain, feeling stressed, and feeling anything other than love, inner peace, and contentment with yourself then meditation will be the number one thing that will help you unblock, heal, and release anything that is weighing you down… Literally.

After you have let it all go and released what you need to release you will feel happier, healthier and more successful in your life.  Do this work on yourself to balance these energies and don’t stop.  Meditation, connecting with yourself, loving yourself, cleansing negative energies, and nurturing yourself is a lifelong practice.  You don’t start and stop.  You keep going and keep practicing and the more you practice the healthier and happier you will be.


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