10 Tips To Make Your Busy Life Easier

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Busy people don’t eat well.

They either skip meals or fill their faces full of junk.


Because most people are working super hard trying to get ahead, or working hard to please others.

And guess what? 

If that really worked there would be billions of people in the world who are healthy, happy, and free, and that's simply not the case.

So how do we fix that?

As you know there is nothing remotely sexy about being so busy that you skip meals, or sit there wolfing down your lunch from a computer screen and rush going to the bathroom that you don't wipe yourself properly.

There's nothing remotely sexy about trying your hardest to help people and then losing yourself and your health in the process.

So we have choices.


We either keep doing what we are doing, or we stop being so busy and stressed and take proper care of ourselves.

I'd highly suggest option #2.


So I have put together 10 things busy people should do ASAP in order to truly LIVE your life happily ever after.

1.  Make an eye, dentist, and a doctors appointment for yourself and/or your children if you haven’t done this in a while.  If you are a woman make sure you have had your pap test done.  Also ask about a mammogram and if you should be getting one of those done as well! 

2.  Make a 60 minute massage appointment and book a spring facial at the same time.  Usually if you book two services at a spa you can use their facilities for the day. Use up those benefits if your employer pays for registered massage therapy and enjoy yourself for the day.  Aim to go for a deep tissue massage at least 1-2 times a month.

3.  Don’t worry about exercise if it’s stressing you out or making you feel bad if you don’t have time to exercise and/or don’t want to right now.  If you're busy, you’re probably run off your feet anyways.  Focus on water, eating enough calories in a day, proper nutrition, and sleep right now.  If you’ve been super busy or stressed you don’t need more high intensity things in your life, so try yoga, walking, pilates, or stretching instead

4.  Meal prep in advance,  or sign up for a meal service like Hello Fresh for fast dinner ideas you can make in 30 minutes for your family.  Order groceries online or get them delivered to your home.  Keep meals and snacks super simple... (Unless of course you love spending hours in the kitchen, dirtying a lot of dishes and using 100 different ingredients.)

5.  Get your finances in order and ensure all banking is up to date.  Know exactly where your money is going.  Personally update your budget weekly and reconcile credit card statements to make sure you're not being overcharged on anything and you're not paying extra interest.  Ensure your taxes are done, and if you owe any money to the Government pay them immediately,  Hire an accountant and bookkeeper if you don’t have help or know what you are doing.  Ensure that you have a Will and life insurance for yourself and your family. Make this a top priority this year if you do not have your affairs in order.  

6.  Ensure your house is clean, and free of clutter and surface mess.  Dedicate a full day to tidying up, organizing and getting caught up on all laundry. Hire help and outsource if you don’t have time for this or do not enjoy doing this.

7.  Take proper care or your face, and get your hair and nails done.  Invest in great quality skin care products and hair care products.  Also be sure to take your vitamins and supplements.  You can’t be too busy for this, so enjoy the time you spend investing in yourself.

8.  Get caught up on sleep. Aim to get at least 7-8 hours a night.  This should be a priority along with your water intake.

9.  Stay off social media for at least 3 weeks, delete apps if necessary, and go on a vacation with your family.  Focus on your own life and leave your work and your laptop at home.

10.  Join My Life Worth Living Challenge Today.  I you're serious about changing your life and don't want to wait a day longer Click here to join for $50 today!

Next, be sure to share this with someone you love!

Have the most beautiful day!



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