Declutter and Organize Your Beauty Products

May 05, 2023

How do you declutter and organize your home?


ONE step. One room. One drawer at a time.


Overwhelm, distraction, anxiety, and paralysis analysis is a thing if your home is cluttered and disorganized, so taking baby steps is key when it comes to conquering your home environment.


Start small and create those small wins! 


Organizing drawers, purging what you no longer need and use, and coming up with systems create a calm, peaceful space. 


Not to mention you'll have way more time to enjoy your life!

Makeup and beauty products can be a hoarding ground for more, and really a money sucker, so today I wanted to share with you some tips!


Keep the basics, and buy only what you need and use on a regular basis.

How often have you blown money on random products only to never use them then complained about lack of money in the bank? 


How often have you found yourself at a store, and just put something in your cart, but never really needed it?  A $5 tube of lipgloss.  A $5 bottle of nail polish, to only ever use once?


Have you ever complained about money then looked in your makeup drawer only to realize you're sitting on over $500 worth of products you don't use on a DAILY basis? 


Invest in high quality products that you love, and when you’ve used it all, and/or it expires, buy more. The purchase then becomes exciting, intentional, and it’s justified! 

I’m a firm believer in respecting the things you work so hard for, so keep your items in your home clean, and don't throw things around, or on the ground because if you don't take care of the little things, you'll never be given more.


You can clean, sort, organize as you go, so for your makeup drawer, or cosmetic bag you can easily do this while getting ready in the morning.  Just allocate an extra 10 minutes!

1.  Put your makeup on as you normally would.  Wipe your products and brushes clean after you use them, and set aside what you used for "keeps!"  Use whatever cleaning products you prefer for cleaning and sanitizing!

2. What is left?  Ask yourself some questions:  How long have you had the products for?  

  • Mascara – 3 months. (Some say 6 months, but many cosmetics experts, recommend 3 months.)
  • Liquid Foundation and Concealer – 6 to 12 months.
  • Cream Blush and Eyeshadow – 6 to 12 months.
  • Powder Blush and Eyeshadow – 1 year.
  • Eyeliner and Lipliner Pencils – Up to 2 years.
  • Liquid Eyeliner – 6 months or less.
  • Lipstick – 1 year.
  • Moisturizers and Skin Care – 1 to 2 years.

3.  Ask yourself:   Do you really need/use this? You’ll probably find you blew a lot of $$$ of stuff you actually didn’t need but just wanted.  

4. Take a deep breath, and grab what you don't need and put everything into a bag. Say goodbye and toss it out!  

5.  Just stay out of makeup isles or off the internet if you're an over spender! 

6.  Play the want vs. need game often. Sure you may want a lot of things, but you don’t need them?  It’s not that you can’t buy them, it’s just that maybe you're trying to be more generous or invest your money differently these days.

7.  Need more makeup? Tired of your current colours?  Schedule a makeover at Sephora, Mac, or a beauty supply counter.  They will do a full face makeover, try out some new colours on you, and then usually give you a credit so that you can leave with new product! Kind of a win win, as you will get to try it out before you buy it, and leave looking fabulous at the same time.


 8.  Be careful what you are speaking into existence.  Your thoughts and how you think will become your reality, so if you are always saying "my home is always messy", "I'm so unorganized", "I have too much stuff", "I don't have enough", then you will get exactly what you are thinking and speaking into life.  Start affirming your truth and the reality you want to see.  "I live in a big, beautiful, clean home.", "My space is always clean or organized.". "I have everything I need.", "I can afford everything I want.".  You get the idea!


So today, try to get one space in your home organized and refreshed! 


Starting with your beauty supplies and the products you put on your face or body is the perfect place to start.


Then grab this Mindset Makeover eBook today for $10 if you haven't already done so!

Because you can look your best on the outside, but feeling your best on the inside is what counts the most!







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