Letting Go

Nov 07, 2021
Letting go is never easy.
Whether that be a job, a spouse, a home, a loved one, a business, a friendship, unhealthy food, an addiction, or even the way you’ve been living your life.
Letting go is never a walk in the park.
Letting go is painful. It can be excruciating. It’s emotionally exhausting and not for the weak, or faint at heart.
A death is occurring. What you once knew to be normal, is now gone, and in the end that’s a beautiful thing, for if you can be honest, your normal way of doing things wasn’t working anyways.
It is dark, it is scary, it is lonely, but it is in fact necessary in order for you to be the best that you can be.
Letting go of what no longer serves you or your purpose will be one of the hardest decisions one must make on this journey through life.
Do you choose to cling to what’s no longer working, or do you let go, so you can be free, and to see what is next for you.
That decision can not be rushed.
Nor can it be forced.
It is not a decision that can be made by someone else.
Only your own heart will know.
When the timing is right, you’ll know when it is time to let go and to make your move forward.
It is in the letting go where fear can sometimes paralyze you. The only job of fear is to prevent you from making the next right move forward because it will do everything in its power to keep you stuck right where you are.
But know that if you never let go, you will never reach higher ground. You just see and recognize fear, but move forward anyways.
As you move into unknown territories, stress, worry, and self doubt will rear its ugly head trying everything in its power to stop you from taking that next right move forward.
You waiver back-and-forth.
You start and stop.
You question whether or not this is the right thing to do.
You go back-and-forth, coming up with different case scenarios only driving yourself a little more crazy searching for the answers.
You beg, plead and bargain.
The dust needs to settle before the answers will come to you, and it’s in the waiting season where patience, trust and acceptance is cultivated.
The waiting season is hell.
It is in the stillness of nothing and often deep pain, you will come to know and trust the beauty, the safety, the comfort, the guidance, and the support that has always been with you.
Then there comes a tipping point.
There comes a time where there is no looking back for it’s time to soar higher and to make a decision.
You must play your part and take action.
It is either now or never, for your life and happiness is now on the line. When you’ve reached this stage, success is no longer questionable. It’s a concrete fact, and fear no longer exists.
Oddly enough when you do let go and take the leap of faith forward into the unknown, it’s perfect timing.
You stop.
You breathe.
You cling tightly to a little whisper from within knowing that you will be just fine, understanding that we must let go in order to go higher.
But know this….
It’s never smooth sailing. It’s never perfect.
We sometimes have to go backwards in order to go forward.
We must lose something in order to gain something even more valuable, and oddly enough what feels like going backwards is actually you being propelled forward in life.
So in those moments where you circle back around, know you will make up for lost time.
Know all those tears shed were worth their weight in gold.
Know that all those roadblocks, detours and failures were meant to strengthen you.
You will come to understand that you never failed, but rather you only came out as winner.
For everything is leading you to the same place friend.
A place of love, health, freedom, peace, wholeness, purpose, truth, victory and a space of happily ever after.
Let go, for you can’t do it in your own strength. Let go and release your attachment to knowing every little detail.
Let go, and let God carry you the rest of the way.
You’ll sleep much better at night, knowing you’re in very good hands.
For if you’re still here on this earth, the best is yet to come ✨

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