My Birthday Wish - Commit To Your Finish Line

Oct 16, 2023


There comes a time when all you will want in your life is to be happy.


There will come a time where you have everything and your life becomes more about giving and serving others.


You will have travelled far and wide.  


You will have worked hard.


You will have missed some warning signs and huge red flags.  


You will have screwed up royally.


You will have stumbled.  


You will have experienced pain, grief, loss, and suffered greatly.


You will have learned some incredible life lessons.


You will have discovered who you really are.


In the end you will have fallen to your knees and come to the realization that your way of doing things has never worked, and then you surrender your life over to something bigger and better.

A life that is your very own...


A life that is so much easier...


A life that feels good to you...


A life that makes you so proud..


A life that you get to create and design...


A life that is magic and flows...


A life that is precious and miraculous...


A life that deserves to be cherished, respected, and honoured.


That life is very different for everyone on this planet, so please don't waste your time looking at what everyone else is doing with their life.


Stay laser focused on your own life, for their lies your true power.


I don't know what your heart whispers to you, but my wish on my 42nd birthday is that you find it within yourself to commit to the finish line.


We are all on our own journey.


We are all searching within ourselves for the same thing.


We all want love, inner peace, happiness, health, joy, abundance, connection, family, safety, security, fulfillment, joy, and purpose. 


But know this.


There is no race and there is no competition, so you can relax and enjoy your life.


Know that one finish line is the beginning of the next big goal and dream, and there's a good chance you will never be fully satisfied and that's a great thing because it means you're alive and growing.


That's because as a spiritual being, you came here to become MORE of yourself.


We all came here to create and manifest everything our heart whispers and longs for.


Not doing that, and not going after those big dreams of yours  will be a huge disservice to the world, yourself, and your family.


Not doing that will also lead to depression, anxiety, misery, disease, illness, digestion issues, body pain, and regret.


So, please don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something or that your dreams are dumb or silly okay?


Maybe for you the finish line is getting super healthy and strong this year.

Maybe it's quitting your soul sucking job and building your dream business so you can have more time with your family.


Maybe it's finding courage and self-worth to leave a toxic relationship or environment. 


Maybe it's writing a book, learning how to bake an apple pie, starting a YouTube channel, or knitting a sweater.


Maybe you want to be a famous singer, start a band, and be famous.


Maybe it's starting a family, trying for another baby, getting a new puppy, or moving into a bigger home.

Maybe it's learning how to slow down, travelling the world, and enjoying your life more.


Maybe it's quitting smoking, giving up coffee, or conquering an addiction to drugs or some other substance that has a strong hold on you.


Maybe it's getting up earlier so you can be a better mom or wife.


Maybe it's being a better daughter and making more memories with your elderly parents.


Maybe it's learning how to do a handstand, or taking a karate class.


Maybe it's simply to be happy and to be at total peace with yourself.


Maybe it's opening up your heart space again to let true love in.

Whatever it is.


Commit to your finish line.


Then once you finish, start a new race, or think of a new dream and keep going.


You are here because you want more, and that's okay and absolutely NORMAL.


Not wanting more is not normal.


You are here to dream big, be happy, be healthy, be free, be extraordinary, and to fulfill your hearts true desires.


So on my birthday I wish you nothing but love, massive success, inner peace, health and happiness.  


Now go be great.


Thanks so much for being here.  I believe you're meant for great big things, and I know you know that too.  Otherwise you wouldn't still be here.  


Have the most beautiful day.





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