A Jealous Friend

body confidence breast augmentation living life mommy makeover self love tummytuck Oct 30, 2018

Have you ever lost a friend? I did.. this week, and it really hurt my feelings.. Then I blessed and released.

This is me. Saggy loose skin. Deflated boobs. I never shared THIS piece of my story, or plastered in on social media. Maybe I should have. 👉👉I didn’t because I was shameful of it. WHO ARE YOU to inspire women without a 6 pack? As hard as I tried... I just could love this loose skin and saggy mom boobs. 
Nope. I don’t care what ANYONE tries to convince me of of social media...I didn’t love it, so I saved all my pennies and knew I’d get it fixed when I was done having my kids. 
WELL.. I had met someone. She too had lost a lot of weight, and she messaged me once saying 👉OMG, you just had my 🌸💫DREAM surgery. A total mommy makeover.
If you just walked in on this chapter, back in December, I had 1 pound of loose skin removed and had my boobs brought up past my belly button.😍🙌 
This week I went to message her and she was GONE. I was ghosted, unfriended and yup. That hurt.
I went to her Instagram and saw posts about her pants getting snug. Her grabbing her skin and posing. Trying to embrace her skin and empowering others to do the same, and I called INAUTHENTIC... fake and I wasn’t buying it. 👉👉 Why because I already KNEW she did NOT love it... and wanted to change it.
Sure, it’s a beautiful act of courage and vulnerability.. but I was left with this question??

If she REALLY loved herself like her posts say.. then why did she message me about me this 💫dream surgery💫, and WHY did she feel the need to unfriend me..., and the biggest question of all...WHY was she bullshitting and convincing herself and her followers if she KNEW deep down it wasn’t the truth????
Wanna know why? Because I was once HER too. 😢😢😢😢I was once someone who said one thing, but did the other. I was once THAT GIRL that bullshitted her way to self love, grabbing my skin, and trying to breathe love into my body, when it just wasn’t possible. I was also someone who could NOT STAND when others had success and I didn’t... or had something I wanted, yet didn’t have it.
So WHY am I sharing this? Because I know COMPARISON, judgement, HATING ON, and jealousy actually prevents you from HAPPINESS... and BEING HEALTHY. I also know BULLSHITTING your way to happiness doesn’t equal TRUE happiness either.

Friends.. Whatever your goal is, I want you to know that ANYTHING you want for your life and your body IS and CAN BE be possible for you. I also want you to REMOVE things like I can’t.. or it’s too expensive....or it will NEVER HAPPEN for me because, it CAN.. and it WILL if you change your thinking!!!

If you find yourself comparing or just hating 😢on someone, ask yourself:

1️⃣Are my feelings VALID? 
2️⃣Why do I really HATE this person? 
3️⃣Why does she bother me? 
4️⃣Do I really know her story and moral compass?
5️⃣What is it about this person that really bothers me?….

95% of the time it will be because THEY have something YOU ASPIRE to be… or want, and you still have PERSONAL work to do.

5% of the time you just don’t like them.. and that’s totally cool too..

Not everyone will be your cup of tea, but on the flip side, you could be really missing out on some amazing friendships and connections simply because you’re being someone who hasn’t figured out SELF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE yet.

Lastly.... DO NOT hate on someone by the chapter you walked in on. Let’s face it. That makes you judgey bitch and that doesn’t look pretty on ANYONE 🌸💫

Need help with that??? I’ve got a 30 days to Self Love Group Starting next month. If you’re ready to heal your heart. You know where to find me. 😘


For my full tummy tuck journey.. you can read it here:www.lindsaymartinfitness.com/tummytuck

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