A Jealous Friend

Have you ever lost a friend? I did.. this week, and it really hurt my feelings.. Then I blessed and released.

This is me. Saggy loose skin. Deflated boobs. I never shared THIS piece of my story, or plastered in on social media. Maybe I should have. I didn’t because I was shameful of it. WHO ARE YOU to inspire women without a 6 pack? As hard as I tried... I just could love this loose skin and saggy mom boobs. 
Nope. I don’t care what ANYONE tries to convince me of of social media...I didn’t love it, so I saved all my pennies and knew I’d get it fixed when I was done having my kids. 
WELL.. I had met someone. She too had lost a lot of weight, and she messaged me once saying OMG, you just had my DREAM surgery. A total mommy makeover.
If you just walked in on this chapter, back in December, I had 1 pound of loose skin removed and had my boobs brought up past my belly button. 
This week I went to message her and she was GONE. I was...

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