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Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life, but just kept falling back into old habits time and time again? Keep reading!

It wasn’t until I had a daughter that my desire for transformation was the strongest. I didn’t want her growing up like I did. Hating herself. No confidence. Comparing herself to others. Defining her worth by numbers. Co-dependent on others to make her happy and to tell her that she's beautiful and smart. Setting for less than she deserves. 

She's turning 6 this week, and she's the most sweetest, sassiest soul you'll ever meet. Her fashion sense is questionable but I pick my battles... lol 


I needed to LEAD by example. Embodying LOVE. Unconditional love and acceptance for myself.  Knowing my OWN worth and value and standing firm in confidence and belief in myself.   Not just for myself. But for HER too. 

That's been decades of work of inner work to conquer as when you battle...

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Are you resisting the very thing you need the most?

I hope you read this and believe me….

I hope you know you are needed, and you are loved. Chances are you’ve been hard on yourself. How you view and talk to yourself is nothing you’d repeat out loud.

Often times the things we resist are the things we need the MOST. I almost didn’t start my new workout program with my new trainer because she was “too happy” for me at 5:00am. I kept going on about my old worn out ways of putting in my ear pods and listening to my music.

Doing things the way I always did them. Maybe avoiding new paths. Maybe staying comfy with what I know and like.
I almost didn’t try, because I was resisting a slower pace. Lighter 2 lbs weights. 30 minutes. I thought in order to achieve more. I had to always be doing more.

I am stubborn like that.. or should I say, WAS stubborn like that.

Doing things My way, only to feel a little more lost in the process. I should have leaned in sooner. I should have trusted. I should have...

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Getting that SMILE back

mindset transformation Feb 08, 2019

Face to Face Friday. My momma always would tell me growing up... “Lindsay, you have such beautiful teeth. You should smile”.... The truth is. While my teeth may have been beautiful I felt NOTHING of beauty.

When I lost 80 pounds before pregnancy, I still didn’t have that smile. I was skinny. Far from actually healthy.

At a time that should have been the happiest time of my life, about to give birth. The smile wasn’t there either.

I had spent the last 3 months in marriage counselling... Hiding... At 27 I got a massive wake up call when I looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman I had allowed myself to become.

Codependent. Fake. Exhausted. Weak. Littered with excuses and blame. Hate and anger. Judgment and Divided. Fearful and Stressed... an exhausted single mom with “no time”... and a boat load of excuses.

When I started my journey to better health and happiness, it really had nothing to do with the outside. YES, I needed...

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