There Must be Something in the Water

Fresh out of the water, and you know what... it was a perfect little COVID celebration and baptism and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

For many years... I would listen to the lyrics of @carrieunderwoods song.. as a country fan and all’s

There must be something in the water

He said, "I've been where you've been before.

Down every hallway's a slamming door.

No way out, no one to come and save me.
Wasting a life that the Good Lord gave me.

Couldn't fight back the tears so I fell on my knees.

Saying, "God, if you're there come and rescue me."

Felt love pouring down from above

Got washed in the water, washed in the blood and now I'm changed.

And now I'm stronger.

And now I'm singing along to amazing grace
Can't nobody wipe this smile off my face
Got joy in my heart, angels on my side
Thank God almighty, I saw the light

Gonna look ahead, no turning back

Live every day, give it all that I have
Trust in someone bigger than me

Ever since the day that I believed I am changed


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Always Take the Leap

If you can DREAM it. You can do it. We took a LEAP this week. I’ve been taking A LOT of scary leaps lately... and as scary as they are. I love it.

My book is currently in the works, as I’m working closely with the publisher... and we registered our business name which took me YEARS to come to a place in my heart that felt right.

The Personal Development and Wellness Empire I’ve been waking up EARLY to build for years. Online courses.... Online Life and Wellness Coaching.... and another book soon to be added to the library. That book I started writing over 3 years ago... in the wee hours of the morning.

But that’s the STUFF and years of dedication and consistency that you don’t see. The late nights. The early mornings. The sacrifices. The relentless action day in.. and day out. EVERY damn day to build my dreams.

More to come from me in 2020 including a new Podcast and some other top secret things 

MIND over Matter. It really is a beautiful journey...

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The Best Gifts

The best gifts  we can ever give our children is a healed version of ourselves.

We often tell our kids….”What you don’t know won’t hurt you. No kids. What you don’t know can KILL you.

I was picking out a splinter from Easton’s finger yesterday, and we were talking. I am just waiting for the day he loses his way. I am bracing myself for it. There’s such beauty in watching your child’s innocence and sweet perfection, and free spirit.

I told him the story about when I was obese, and how I was bullied. Chased home from school, and called mean names.

The list goes on after I lost my way. Yanked out of class, and put on a scale and instantly felt judged. The boyfriend who called me fat. The husband who told me that his drug addiction was my fault. The boss who told me I wasn’t worth that much.

Someone is going to judge you. Someone is going to try to make you conform to their rules. Someone is going to hurt you. Someone is...

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Dark Season of Life = Growth

mindset spirituality Dec 22, 2019

Did you know it’s impossible to be sad and depressed and GRATEFUL all at the same time??

And one day it just happens... Your darkness will be lifted, and turned to a bright white light. You are wide awake. Certain. Clear headed, happier, healthier and on a higher level of life.

All you gotta do is stop  complaining about the current LEVEL you are on. You’ll end up wondering around this beautiful life of yours lost because you’re not eligible for PROMOTION to a higher level.

STOP complaining about the HARD, for you are cancelling out the opportunity to get to the next level! You’re placed here on this earth to grow and evolve  and become your highest self.

Just stop complaining if you’re struggling, and say thank you. Let the tears of joy flow, because life is in fact happening FOR you, except you’ve failed to turn on the light and get that AHA moment yet.

Trust it. Accept it. Love the shit out of it, for the hard seasons....

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The Best is ALWAYS Yet to Come.

Can I share something with you?

I wasn’t always a believer.

The day we found out we were pregnant with Elliott, 2 white little butterflies landed on our windshield.

To date, my 6th pregnancy was the most peaceful and healthiest. I’ve been blessed with 3 babies here on earth to care for.

A Sense of Spirit. You must have that inner sense that you can’t see… but FEEL you have a sense of PURPOSE and direction.

Her pregnancy was smooth. I wasn’t scared. I continued my workouts 5-6 times a week. I drank my superfoods, ate well, watched my portions. Enjoyed cookies when I wanted, and we scheduled her delivery by c-section. Healthy and strong she was.

I wasn’t always convinced. WHY would all these bad things keep happening to me?

From miscarriages, car accidents, financial hardship, a loved one with a hidden drug addiction, divorce, loss of a job, health scares.. WHY?

Today I know better. Today I’ve come out, understanding that life was in fact...

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Do not SHRINK for anyone. Period

n 2 months I have the honour of speaking to a room full of amazing Entrepreneurs. The dreamers. The risk takers.

There comes a time where you need to stand up for yourself. The one time I did that, I was fired from my job.

The truth is, I could FEEL it within that I wasn’t where I should be. The hardest part is acting on that FEELING, and not settling simply because you’re scared... or “comfy”

Sometimes people won’t like it when you speak your voice. When you stand in your power and do what you feel is right for your life, instead of doing what you’re told to do.

Take up SPACE. It’s your birth right and do not SHRINK for anyone.

You really have TWO CHOICES:

Keep doing what you know isn’t working…. Or Take the LEAP and get busy creating a life you love.

I believe each us have goals, dreams, and we know EXACTLY want we want, but we play small simply because we’ve been conditioned to. We listen to that weak voice within,...

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Mind Viruses

Caught myself a nasty mind virus  yesterday. Gross actually now that I think about. Noticed it, and took ownership over managing the symptoms immediately before it took over and contaminated the rest of my life.

I found myself saying things like “I can’t afford this right now”....and “I’m busy”, but then I stopped myself.

I purchased the ticket. I committed to going to San Diego and jumped in on something that I’d been thinking about, and wanted to do.

I know that it is going to grow  me into the person I’m capable of becoming, and the more I surround myself with players at a higher level than me, the more I LEVEL up in my life too.

Told Dennis I’ll be away for a conference... and that was that.

I didn’t need to ask permission. I didn’t need to run it by him first to get is approval. I’m with someone who supports me fully. As reciprocated, and I support him fully if he feels called to do...

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Shine Light Onto Your Darkness

Sweat  and cried  me a good one today. Nearly 9 years of guilt, regret, shame was released. I feel weightless

September 9, 2011, I got a call to get to the hospital. You should get here. I wasn’t given the specifics, but I was just told to go. I tried to call someone to take my son. The phone was busy. I kept calling. I then drove to ask in person. “We need to go to the hospital”.

On our way I had this thought in my head. Perhaps we should stop and get a coffee first. We almost stopped, but something within me said.. NO.. we need to just get there.

We drove around for parking for too long. I walked into that hospital, and I felt a dark cloud. I knew I didn’t make it in time. I knew I has missed my chance to ever say goodbye. 11 minutes too late that day.

I never forgave myself for wanting to stop for coffee that morning. I never forgave myself for being late. Selfish I thought. I never forgave myself until this morning. I chose to shine...

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Strong Core of WHO you are!

Day 28 of my 100 Day Journey testing out this new program! Fight Club. 30 minutes.. you can check my stores to see some moves.I loved it so much.

Why? Because FIGHTERS have a STRONG CORE. Who cares about abs y’all. Nice to have. But at the end of this life, there isn’t a special place in heaven for people with abs.

Are you STRONG at the CORE of WHO. YOU. REALLY. ARE??

In any fight, there are TWO fighters. But the beautiful thing about this journey of ours is there is NO competition. There is room for us all to win. There is enough room for us all to be beautiful and successful.

TWO FIGHTERS, and your job is the take down the opponent that is the weakest.

One opponent will take you down to the ground and keep you there if you LET IT. The other opponent who must WIN the FIGHT, is the one that is going to lead you to the victory of PEACE and HAPPINESS in your life.

Healing and health is accomplished the instant you DECIDE you no longer see any VALUE in the pain...

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Home Base

self love spirituality Jun 03, 2019

What’s your goal? Mine.. LOVE, health and happiness and those kinds of goals require a daily investment

I’ve grown a lot. Yesterday we went to an all you can eat Indian Buffet and I had the best samosas, butter chicken and naan bread. My fave!! Then we had the best chocolate chip cookies. Years ago I would have used exercise as torture and felt shitty and guilty for enjoying a damn cookie

Monday I hosted a team call for our rising Diamond Coach Leaders, and it’s kinda cool. Success of any kind starts from WITHIN. Getting back to your highest place. Whether that be in your health. Your business. Your relationships… Soon you’ll be able to see the world through a whole new lense.

Soon you’ll be able to show up with love, grace, compassion, understanding, for you know deep within we are all suffering to some extent.

Doing the HARD WORK of looking WITHIN first isn’t pretty. The HEART WORK is UGLY.

It requires you to face your fears, your...

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