Failure. The stepping stone to success.

I skipped dinner last night and ate half a bag of dill pickle chips alongside a glass of red wine. I could have ate the entire bag... until I looked at the calories for 14 chips and said.... oh shit I’ve eaten about 100 ... The math started... 100 divided by 14 x 270 Letting it go now.... Letting to go.
One could say that is an epic failure from a health coach. The ladies in my accountability groups will know this is real life here. Chips happen. Our soul needs it sometimes, but what matters is what we do AFTER that failure.

Failure. The stepping stone to success.

I’ve missed out on over $200,000 in quarterly bonuses this year. A goal I set. I failed. A goal I didn’t hit.... yet.

I reflected on this last year. Questions I asked myself:

What’s preventing me from growth? 
What’s stopping you?
I missed goals I set for myself, my team, and my business. 
I had women quit on their health journeys. I have has coaches quit when they told...

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey