Invest In Yourself

Scored myself a new coat. $25. Value Village.

Also scored myself a massage today. $70. 45 minutes. BEST 45 minutes everrr

Every single year I would tell myself, I am gonna buy myself a new winter coat and every single year I just can’t see myself spending $500 on a coat, I’m literally in for 10 minutes. Plus Dennis and I made a deal. Once it goes below 0... It’s his job to take the kids to school and I start work a little earlier... and I don’t “play” in the snow or build  snowman.... his job too

I bought the kids their boots, coats hats and mitts... and didn’t think twice about the expense. Mom Life.

You see... One thing about me. I hate being cold, and I hate wasting money too. As a former single momma I’m still frugal, still mindful and often times I still find MY needs getting put on the back burner, but always always make sure my kids needs are met.

In my November group this month, it’s all focused around Self...
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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey