The Better Half

love mindset Jul 10, 2020

I remember the day clearly.

It was a Thursday night, and I opened my laptop to go onto a dating site. Where else was I going to meet someone being a single mom with an 18 month old ??

I found him and reached out first, as I didn’t actually have a profile picture up.

I chuckled a little when he told me his name was Dennis... he told me that I could call him Den, but I’ve never called him that.

We met for the first time in a beer store parking lot, and I had a screwdriver in my purse... “just incase” he was some nut job.

I went to shake his hand, he laughed and gave me a hug instead.

From that moment forward when I got into his dusty car that he couldn’t be bothered to clean before our date....I KNEW that he was someone I’d want in my life for a long time.

When I told him my plans of building a business, he said do whatever you wanna do.. (Cause he knew I’d do it anyways)

Never once have I heard him complain.

Never once have I heard him yell or...

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Give More

Easton has been asking for a little brother and he finally got one today.

Meet Carlos Rafael. A 2 year old little boy from Nicaragua.

We have so much, and while we have food on our table, clothes on our back, and fresh clean water easily accessible at our fingertips, some mothers need to walk more than 5k to get water for their babies.

This has been something that has been weighing so heavily on my heart for years now. It was on my vision board 4 years ago, and selfishly got pushed to the side.

Today as timing would have it, the opportunity to give more was placed in my path today at the moment I needed it the most.  

For less than a coffee a day, you can make a difference in this world, yet often we operate from NOT ENOUGH, and we get caught up in our own lives, when we should be looking outward.

We operate from a place of lack, and a desire for more, and I believe in my heart of hearts that the best gift we can give is to be in the service of others.  To help. To inspire....

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Happily Ever After

As a little girl did you ever read those books where you get to choose the path and pick a different ending? I loved those books.

Today is a pretty big anniversary day. We are approaching 3 years of marriage soon.... but this day is the one year anniversary of the day Dennis officially put in his notice, and we became a full-time family thanks to my coaching/online influencer business.

We’ve been a full time family since we had Elliott 19 months ago 

In my story. The first path I chose was also love filled. But as it turned out, it wasn’t the path where I lived happily ever after.

Love. Career. House. Marriage. Baby. Divorce. Single Parenting. Struggle. Loss. Heartache. Hurt. Capped Salary. Limited Vacation time. Stress leaves. Existence really.

I cringe at the fact that I almost NEVER chose this second path. I almost never chose it for fear. For uncertainty. For doubt. For insecurity. For not feeling worthy enough or smart enough.

I almost never started dating...

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Love is the Answer

Slow down mama.... Easier said than done some days..

I remember when I was a single mom..

Seeing those types of posts made me feel like a big sac of crap.

Then came the ones where if you had a clean insinuated you spent less time with your kids... or a messy house meant you were lazy...and should be doing more.

Or how breast was “best”, and so on... and so forth. The homemade baby food...the swimming classes...and finger painting...the baby wearing...the co-sleeping...the fancy birthday parities.... or working moms vs. Stay at home moms...

One could go mental and feel so unworthy trying to keep up.

What I have learned over the years is this:

Trying to compare our lives to everyone’s highlights is exhausting. The judgments, the criticism, the high demands and expectations and motherhood is tough, and parenting is hard.

As I sat here with Elliott this morning, my eyes flooded with tears, and my heart hurt with LOVE.... There is absolutely NO question about...

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey