Haters need the most love!

bullying cyberbullying Nov 08, 2018

Have you ever been victim of a hater?

A mean girl? A troll? Someone that doesn’t know ANYTHING about you, has yet to have a real life heart to heart, walks in on a chapter, makes assumptions, and uses a word like “DISGUSTING” in huge capital letters. 
In my 4 years as a coach, I’ve never once had this happen so bad, but it totally happened tonight, and let me tell you.... it was the LAST thing I needed today. 
My heart sank, my eyes couldn’t believe it, and I instantly stopped reading, hit delete, block, removed all the social bullying and comments and decided turn it into a life lesson.
It blows my mind in this day an age that grown ass women have so much hate in their hearts. So much pent up anger, resentment, jealousy, and TIME on their hands that they lash out and spew around words that hurt.
Like really.... if someone bothers you SO much, why read their posts, or creep them, or waste your time on them? 
I myself had a shitty day. I...

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