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Meet Your Coach Lindsay

Lindsay Martin is a Transformational Lifestyle Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and owner of a monumental wellness and personal development empire dedicated to total-life solutions comprising of all aspects of wellness, including healthy nutrition, fitness, self-help and overall lifestyle.

For over 2 decades Lindsay has devoted her time and energy to personal development in order to overcome her lifelong battle with obesity and the traumas of her past.   

She has spent countless hours learning and mastering what it takes to become an expert in personal transformation, devouring books, podcasts, going to therapy, and attending conferences all with the goal in mind to become the woman, mother, wife, and thought leader she always dreamed of becoming. 

She teaches a no nonsense approach to personal transformation, healthy nutrition, movement, mindset, with a huge emphasis on self-love, gratitude, letting go, forgiveness, and an overall holistic approach to faith and spirituality so you can live your life, authentically happy, healthy and free.

Lindsay is a Wife and Mom of 3 beautiful children. Her world. Her why.


Happy, Healthy, Free

Losing over 80 pounds before having kids, and 140 pounds of baby weight, what Lindsay soon realized was that that the biggest transformation that needed to take place was on the inside.  

With the right self awareness, mindset shift and tools, new thought patterns, working through past traumas, and letting go, she knows you can reach a place of wholeness and personal freedom. 



Let's Get Your Living Your Best Life.  

Your Inside Transformation Starts Now.

DISCLAIMER: My coaching programs and free groups are are intended to help motivate, and inspire you to make some positive changes in your life.  As someone who has changed and transformed her life, I am simply sharing my experience with you, as I believe I can help give you valuable perspective to help you get unstuck, and on the path to living your best life.

Changing your life takes hard work.  I will not sugar coat the work required to achieve transformation both externally and internally. 

Changing your life requires consistent effort, and I cannot guarantee that by enrolling and joining any of my groups, or courses you will take my advice and change your life.  
As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or change your life with my ideas, information, tools, downloads, or strategies.  
I do not know you personally and,  and your results in your life are up to you. 

I simply want to help you dive deeper into personal transformation by providing you with my best content, perspective, and strategies, that worked well in helping me to change my life. 

All products and services offered by my company are for educational and informational purposes only.

Nothing on my website, or in my groups and courses, or any other content, curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results.
I do not offer any legal, medical, or other professional advice, and because you are solely responsible for your own efforts, actions and thoughts, I cannot guarantee how hard you will work on yourself to make improvements in your own life.

Always consult your own health care provider, or professional advisor before starting any lifestyle change in your life. 

You alone are solely responsible and for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by joining and registering here you agree not to attempt to hold anyone liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

I always hold myself and my work to a high standard of excellence, integrity, speaking from my heart and soul, being open, honesty and speaking my truth, and nothing but the truth.

My opinions expressed in any of my teachings are my opinions only.  

I give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any paid services, books,  or courses because I am here to simply serve to the best of my ability to help you get on the path to become your best self, and I want you to be happy.



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