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Lindsay Martin is a Transformational Lifestyle Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Social Media Influencer, Wife and Mom of 3 beautiful children. Her world. Her why.

After overcoming her lifelong battle with obesity she has always had a passion for health, wellness, and helping others.

Even though she has a big outside transformation losing over 80 pounds before having kids, and 140 pounds of baby weight, what she soon realized that the biggest transformation that needed to take place was on the inside.  

After overcoming many personal life challenges, heartaches, failures, and setbacks, her mission is to inspire all women to know that they are capable of achieving anything they want in their life if they are willing to put in the work, and find a bigger reason why.

Not afraid to tell it like it is, and speak her truth, Lindsay is a big advocate for self development, self reliance, self love, and being your own hero for no one is going to save you.

That's your job.

You were never created to simply exist.  You were created to LIVE your life. Happy. Healthy. Free.

Areas of Expertise

Overcoming Obesity, Weight Loss and Personal Health Transformation. Living Happy and Feeling Whole. Embracing Failure. Self Love and Acceptance. Confidence and Belief. Letting Go, Finding Forgiveness, and Moving Forward. Coping with High Levels of Stress. Facing Fears and having Courage. Anxiety and Depression. Embracing Change. Starting Over. Separation and Divorce. Single Parenting. Exhaustion from Every Day Living. Finding true Happiness. Grief and Coping with Loss. Food Addiction and Self Sabotage. Faith and Spirituality. Loving and Trusting Again. Positive Body Image. Negative Self Talk and Limiting Beliefs. Financial Troubles. Codependency and Addiction. Mom Guilt. Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Organization.  


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