The Simple Life!  Create that calm, relaxed, peaceful home you've always wanted!  One day at a time!

Transform your Space, and Your Spirit!

How do you declutter and organize your home? One step... One room.... One drawer at a time.

Overwhelm and paralysis analysis is a thing, and honestly, that's the last thing you need!

I've got you covered, as I break it down so you can take ACTION today and start seeing immediate results so you can love your home and the space you're in!

1. Sign up and get 10 days immediate implementation recommendations so that you can clear the clutter, and transform your space, and your spirit and feel lighter immediately!

2. We will work on one area at a time. Starting small with action steps each day, and in 10 days you're going to feel happier, more motivated, and on a decluttering roll!  You'll have more time, more energy and you'll feel amazing!

3. You will get an email a day for 10 days so you can START NOW and not feel overwhelmed!  

Trust me, you'll be saving so much time, money, and energy when you complete this challenge!


"My home is so much more organized and I love it!  I can't believe how much more calm I am when I have gotten rid of the things I don't use or need and how much more focused I am.  Thank you so much for breaking it down so that I can feel SO much better about myself and the progress I am making"


Lindsay Martin is an expert in Personal Transformation, Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and owner of Soul Perfection Co.  a personal development empire dedicated to total-life transformation solutions comprising of all aspects of wellness, including healthy nutrition, fitness, self-help and spirituality.

From a very young age Lindsay always loved organizing and decluttering.  Her systems have systems and by nature she lives a very simple and minimalistic lifestyle.

Lindsay is a big advocate for self development, self love, and being your own hero for no one is going to save you.  She is also a huge believer for buying only what you need and use, and keeping only the things you love.  

Lindsay is a Wife, and Mom of 3 beautiful children.  Her world. Her why.




I believe that if you're here, reading this, you're meant to be.  Often times when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Are you sick and tired of playing small?  Great! You're in the right spot!


If you're not confident, happy, healthy and thriving in your life right now, you cannot wait for the right time.  There will never be a perfect time. The time is now friend. 


You, yes you, are already fully equipped with everything you need locked up inside of you.  Those whispers inside screaming at you to level up will not quiet, until you become the person you are truly capable of becoming.  There is greatness inside of you.  Let's unlock it!


Get started today!!  Become your BEST self.  You were never created to play small.  You're just choosing too.  Let's unlock that GREATNESS that's within you starting NOW!

What You'll Learn

  • How to organize and declutter your home in baby steps so that you can gain more focus and energy.
  • How to overcome your fears about letting go, or storing things in your home you no longer need.  
  • 20 years of transformation insight from Lindsay Martin, Transformation Expert, Author, Mindset and Life Coach
  • How to increase your focus and productivity and gain more time back in your life.
  • How to start focusing your energy in the right areas, and what you need to start doing right away.  

What You'll Pay

You get 10 days of training and instruction delivered via email with a new challenge to tackle every day!  Trust me, you've got time! 

You'll get over 20 years of life transformation experience for $$497 starting TODAY!  It's not a subscription - it's a one-time payment of $497!

I know what it feels like to be stuck, frazzled and overwhelmed.  Your outter world is a direct reflection of your inner world, so I kept the price of my crash course super low.  Just quick learning so you can start today!  Most of my courses and coaching programs cost anywhere from $197 - $10,000.  

If you're serious about living a more calm, and peaceful life, this is super affordable and gives a super easy action plan to help you get started!



The Guarantee

I guarantee there is greatness inside of you. I guarantee that you have this faint voice of reason within that is whispering to you that there MUST be more to life.  I guarantee that your dream home isn't filled with clutter or stuff too!

Changing your life is hard work, but settling for less than you deserve is harder.  So while I can't guarantee you will change your life in this crash course, I do offer a 30 day money-back-guarantee! 


Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER: My coaching programs are intended to help motivate, and inspire you to make some positive changes in your life.  I am simply sharing my experience with you, as I believe I can help give you a little perspective to get you unstuck, and on the path to living your best life.

Changing your life takes hard work.  It requires consistent effort, and I cannot guarantee that by taking this course you will take my advice and change your life.  
As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or change your life with my ideas, information, tools, downloads, or strategies.  
I do not know you,  and your results in your life are up to you. 
I just want to help you by giving great content, perspective, and strategies, that worked well in my life.

You should know that all products and services offered by my company are for educational and informational purposes only.

Nothing on my website, or in my courses, or any other content, curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results.
I do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. 

Making decisions or changes based on any information presented in my products or services or website, should be done only with the knowledge I can't guarantee how hard you will work on yourself.

Always consult your own professional advisor before acting on a lifestyle change in your life.

You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold anyone liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

I will always hold myself to an incredibly high standard of integrity, speaking from my heart, being open, honesty and speaking my truth.  

It's why I give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any paid services, books,  or courses. 


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Have you ever wanted a calm, peaceful home but you're busy... got kids... are freaking tired.. and just don't know where to start?

You're in luck friend.  Join this 10-DAY LESS is MORE Challenge and you'll be feeling lighter and more happier in no time!

Transform Your Space, and  Your Spirit as we work together each day tackling one area of your home!  

From Make-up and beauty products, under the bathroom sinks, papers and kids school work, tote bins in storage, master bedroom closet, electronics and family pictures, the garage.. and SO much MORE!

I dork out about this stuff.  Hop in and start saving TIME and MONEY so you can start attracting more abundance and health into your life.  Not more stuff you don't really need.