Your Winning Season is Coming

Sep 05, 2020
Your winning season is coming!
I know that if you’re in a dark season it might not make sense right now, and that it might appear you are in a tight spot or space of constriction but you must trust and believe that all will work out to your greater good.
Has it not before?
Have you not been taken care of up to this point and all of your needs have been met?
If so, then please trust that what is happening right now and what is on the way for you will also work out.
Chances are if you’re still stuck, you’ve let fear, negative thinking, self-doubt, hate and judgement get the best of you.
You’ve let your past wounds of the past poison your potential for a beautiful future and you’re still hanging on to something that you should have let go or dropped a long time ago.
Remember, once you let go and release , and understand that where you are right now is EXACTLY where you are meant to be with zero attachment to a desired outcome that YOU want, that energy you are using to keep yourself stuck, and tethered to the ground can lift you higher.
💫Breathe in love.
💗Breathe in courage.
💫Breathe in faith.
💗Breathe in knowing.
💫Breathe in certainty, that the best is yet to come.
Let go of the rest and just live happy, health and free today!
Whatever your heart calls to you. Whatever your heart whispers to you.
Trust it, believe it, know it and back it up with inspired action today.
Today think about all of the negative emotions you are holding on to.
Speak them out of you and release them.
Affirm that you are no longer willing to be tied down by your own negative thinking, and then instantly focus on the good!
Say a prayer of thanks for all of the good that you have now, and all the good that you know will come your way. Say thank you as if what you want has already happened and on it’s way.
Write down what you’ve let go of and write down what is coming to you.
Do this homework in yourself.
Trust me. You’re worth working on.

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