You will SEE it when you BELIEVE it

motivation self love Jun 12, 2020
You will believe it when you see it. OH no..
You will SEE it when you BELIEVE it.... and through the tears, I felt this one, although I saw it along time ago.

I won’t ever say that this life stuff is easy. Taking care of yourself. Raising babies. Chasing dreams. Juggling all the things.

It’s hard, but today, it’s OFFICIALLY done, and its been the hardest work I’ve ever done.

It took 3 years longer than expected, but one early morning I got this aha moment to write a book.
365 days... 7 days a week... over 3 years... I didn’t take a day off from writing.

In fact it’s been 1954 days ago that I started writing and haven’t taken one single day off.

It’s who I am. It’s what I do, and I don’t actually feel at ease until what comes out of me is on the page.

Since showing up on social media to help inspire, motivate and help people to transform their lives... I’ve been judged. I’ve been attacked. I’ve been criticized. I’ve been unfollowed. Blocked. Unfriended. Blamed. Yelled at, but I didn’t stop.

💫 I didn’t stop when I wasn’t supported, or friends made fun of me.

💫 I didn’t stop when people questioned my posts.

💫 I didn’t stop when people didn’t believe.

💫I didn’t stop when times got tough.

💫I didn’t stop, and I kept going... even when it was hard. Even when I was scared. Even when I was busy and overwhelmed, and knocked down with life.


Because I know there is some woman out there that felt once like I did.

A woman out there who needs to SEE that there’s hope.

That she has time, and that there is greatness within her.

That she has what it takes to do BIG things and change her life.

I didn’t stop.

I won’t stop.

I have NO retirement plan.


The work I do matters, and someone out there needs to hear what I’ve got to say, and it might not be you, but I know in some miraculous way, that when the student is ready, the teacher always appears.

God gave me a voice. He gave me struggles and challenges. He gave me hardships. He gave hands to type with, and I’m gonna use it for a greater good, regardless of how busy I am or what others may think.

386 pages.
Over 52,000 words.
A lot of early mornings.
A ton of sweat and tears.
A lot of self doubt to conquer.
A lot of failure.
A lot of inner demons to shut down.

A lot of faith, hope, trust and belief 💫in something bigger than myself.

1 book that’s going to be in bookstores soon (within the next two weeks), that I hope will change a lot of lives❤️

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