You did NOT wake up today to be MEDIOCORE

mindset motivation Apr 04, 2019

We did not wake up today to be mediocre.

My 30 minute workout took 35 minutes with a pause for some milk and snacks, but we got it done! Even tossed in 10 minutes of abs, but we got it DONE❤️

How silly to believe that you can’t be happy and content today because your future may appear to be difficult, challenging, overwhelming or uncertain.

How silly to believe that you what you have is not enough.

You have enough. You are enough and you must not rob yourself of today simply because you’re too busy worried about the past, or having fear and anxiety about the future.

Think SMALL friends. Think today. Think baby steps. In life, when we are struggling the mountain 🏔 before us can seem SO overwhelming that we don’t even take the first baby step towards even TRYING to get to the top.

We are paralyzed by our own fear, doubts, negative self talk, our own inactions, NEVER moving forward. Never making change. Settling for a life of MEDIOCRITY. A life of existence and boredom.

You’ve gotta examine the very things in your life that terrify you and you’ve then gotta shift your thinking.

See what you can do TODAY to make progress in your life. You’re not going to overhaul your life, your body, your thinking overnight. 👉You’re not magically going to get to the summit of that mountain. You’re going to have to start at the VERY bottom and work your way up.

But what I CAN PROMISE YOU❤️…. When you start to take those DAILY baby steps forward, and you KEEP GOING despite how terrifying or how HARD it is, you will soon realize that the mountain standing before you was a little mole hill.

You CAN be happy today. 💫❤️You can make progress. You CAN do whatever you set your mind to.

NOW go get it friends. DREAM BIG. Think SMALL to start, and just.take.ACTION.

TODAY. Not tomorrow. Not Monday. Not next weekend. Not after tax season. Not after things “slow down”. Don’t after dance season is over.

TODAY. For today really is the only day you are ever promised.

Best you make it a good one! If you’re ready to take action, I’d love to help you figure it out. Reach out to me or click the link in my bio below to get HEALTHY with me to join me virtually. 

Have the most beautiful day.

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