You are what you BELIEVE

mindset motivation self love Apr 05, 2019

Self Care and Fitness isn't about the outside for me. It's about the inside. It's about health, it's about inner strength and love, and I don't now why anyone wouldn't want that.

Active recovery. Breathing. Strengthening. Focusing. Working from the Inside Out. I’m trusting the map to success and growth has already been laid out for me.

Over the past 4 years I’ve been a path to health. Inner peace. To self love. To wholeness, and today while in my morning meditation practice, I was brought to tears. Brought to clarity. Brought to certainty. Brought to gratitude.

You don’t get what you WANT. You get what you BELIEVE.

Sometimes in our darkest moments we question it all. We doubt. We question. We stay trapped. We stay unhealthy. We stay stuck, not ever realizing that these gifts were put in our path for a reason. 

Trusting and believing is the first step to enlightenment. To change. To inner peace. To love. To certainty. 

Today. I believe. 

I BELIEVE we were created PERFECT. Perfect creations from the moment we came into this world. But life happened. From our failures, struggles, setback, disappointments, heartaches, hardships and all.

All perfect in their own crazy ways. Leading us to a path of growth. To change. To purpose. To who we were meant to be without question. Filled with LOVE and INNER PEACE. Wholeness. Happiness. Health. Our TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF. Not one cast upon us by society. By standards. By Titles. By Income. By Things. 

What if today instead of hating yourself. You chose ACCEPTANCE AND LOVE.

What if today instead of forcing things, instead of fighting things you surrender. You accept that where you are TODAY is exactly where you are meant to be.

What if today you stopped controlling the outcome or others, you LET GO, and let it flow naturally. 

What if today you stopped striving. Stopped grasping. Stop comparing. Stop doubting.

Allowing yourself TIME. SPACE. Sit with yourself. Sit with the pain. Sit with the hurt. Sit with the dis-ease. Sit with the stress. What is it all TEACHING YOU??

What are you learning from it? What can you use for the greater good? What are you holding on to that you need to release? 

You are PERFECT TODAY. Flaws, failures, and all. 

The trick is understanding WHY these perfect gifts were given to us, and then turning them into greater purpose. 

You must be willing to do the INNER WORK to help the SOUL that resides IN the outer shell. Sadly, so many people are obsessively focused on the exterior. The things. The status. The standards of living up to OTHERS expectations of us.

Focus inward, and then you will be lead to a path upward to greater strength. Greater love. Greater power. Greater clarity. Greater health.

This I know is true. 

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