You are STILL in there

motivation self love Apr 11, 2019

This is the body I have shown up TODAY in. 💗I don’t plan on rejecting myself. In fact I raised my standards and my personal growth game is STRONG these days.

I never thought this much change was possible, but finding acceptance, love, grace, wholeness is what I was really after years ago when I had seemed to have lost myself in the LIFE STRUGGLES.

My body changed, but so did the spirit 💫within the more I learn to love and trust, and have gratitude.

You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll always be judged by someone. People will hate you for no good reason. You need NOT worry how you measure up to others standards, or expectations.

It’s not your job to listen to others. It’s not your job to doubt. To compare. To hate. It’s your job to ACCEPT YOURSELF for exactly who you were created to be.

It’s your job to honour, 🙏💗embrace and accept your gifts, uniqueness, your talents, your style, your quirks, your likes, your dislikes your flaws, your life lessons, your challenges, your setbacks, your failures… for that’s YOU.

It’s not your job to be like anyone else. It’s your job to be you.

Created perfect in every way.

REREAD that again. 💫💗You are HERE TODAY! In that body of yours. Not here in 5, 10, 15 pounds from now. Not here when you get a better body, a better job, more money, more friends, or when you get past this struggle you are facing. YOU. ARE. HERE. TODAY.

The sooner you can tap into the highest power that resides WITHIN, then you can get to a place of INNER KNOWING. INNER PEACE. Acceptance, EXCITEMENT, and love.

Be still.. and know.. You are STILL in there. You’ve likely just lost your way, or got sidetracked a little.

The hardest part is getting over your false egotistical self, the walls you have built, so you can discover and ACCEPT, who you REALLY are.

And when you do that. You won’t ever judge, hate or compare yourself to another person, for you will then know, THEY TOO were created perfectly in their own beautiful way too.

This I know is true💗

Have the most beautiful day!

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