Winners Find a Way to Win. Losers Don't.

mindset self love Nov 10, 2020
Now you’re getting “older”, and you will never get to see what you could have been because the cost of getting to see it is a commitment that you’ve NEVER been willing to pay.
You’re trying to get someone to fall in love with a you, you’ve never actually discovered for yourself.
So beauty, who are you betting your life on?
Yourself or the needs of others?
✨Who will you trust with it comes to providing for your family? Your own work ethic or the work ethic of others who might show up only when they “feel” like it.
✨Who will you blame when the person you need to help you has something more important to do and you placed your livelihood in the hands of another human just showing up for a paycheque?
✨Who will you turn to when the company you’ve lost yourself for closes, the money runs out and all hell breaks loose and you’ve got food to put on the table?
✨Who will you trust and believe when there are no other options for your own survival?
Who will show up?
You will.
Many times in my life I have placed my mere survival in the hand of another.
Needing a spouse to pay the mortgage.
Needing the government to approve an application.
Needing others not willing to work or just showed up when they felt like it for a hefty bonus.
Needing the bank to approve a line of credit or a bank loan.
Needing another person to co-sign to make ends meet.
Needing an employer to give me a raise so I could afford to live a little more relaxed.
Here’s a valuable lesson I learned.
🖤💫When you are DONE putting your fate, your future, your finances in the hands of someones else you’ll getup and fight for your family.
When you’ve made it a necessity for survival, you’ll find a bigger mission, purpose, calling and reason WHY.
Not because you need anything outside of yourself, but rather you’ve discovered YOUR SELF, and your own worth and inherent value and ACT upon it.
You listen.
You trust.
You believe.
You leave.
You leap.
You go all in.
You work.
Because the ONE and ONLY person who won’t ever let you down is yourself.
Don’t forget that beauty.
Winners find a way to win.
Losers are sitting there blaming others, waiting for someone else to come save their sorry self.
Don’t let that be you.
You’re better than that, and deep down you probably know that, but you’re not acting on it and guess who is going to continue to suffer?

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