Why You're Stuck.. and broke...

Mar 26, 2021
Your life challenge today and every day after this one. UNFOLLOW the herd. 🐑 🐑
I don’t believe God ever expected you to prosper in your job, I bet he expected your job to give you money so that you could invest in your gift.
Your gift makes room for you, and I hope your gift becomes your job because I know many corporate moms making 100k and they still waste their time in buy and sell sites, and there’s something very wrong with the fact that you’re trading so much of your time to not even afford to live.
So, today I’m busting some myths that you might thought were normal”, but are actually keeping you STUCK in lack.
✨How do you sort? When shopping online do you sort lowest to highest? Did it ever occur to you that you could sort the other way around and start focusing on what you WANT versus what you can “afford”? - Try in and start thinking bigger.
✨Buy and Sell sites will keep you broke. There is a time where yes, you need to do what you need to do, but how about moving out of that space so you don’t have to settle for used, discount, garage sale, and second hand? The TIME and energy you invest into saving a few bucks might be better invested into building al life so that you can just buy what you want.
✨Garages and basements full of tote bins. Nope. Not normal. That’s what’s lacking and scarcity mindset people do to “save” things because they “paid good money” for things. So there they sit, doing nothing. Good money invested would be a better option. A scarcity mindset looks at what things cost, instead of looking at how much the space would be WORTH to them. If you haven't used it in a year, start the process of donating. Give and you shall receive.
✨Seasons and styles change. If you’re saving hats and mitts for next season and they are $10. Clearly SOMETHING is wrong that you’re working so hard to not be able to afford $10 next year.
✨It's not a good deal. It’s not a good deal if you don’t love it and it's not what you really want, and you’ll go broke trying to save money, but rather settle for less, or discount yourself on what you really want. Buying things ahead of time or for next season is a waste of money and space in your home. Invest those funds into something so you never have to buy everything on sale.
✨Just day NO to price matching and coupon clipping. Your time and energy can be better used and invested so you're not running around from store to store, or trying to get the best deal. Think about how much your TIME is worth to you, and start buying online.
✨Unsubscribe from emails and say no. Millionaires and Billionaires don’t waste time collecting points, bonus bucks or air miles and cash back rewards. They are after simplicity, and you generally don't see the with a wallet full of cards or wasting their time. They are very strategic about investing their focus and time onto producing a desired result in their life. Is your focus keeping you stuck?
✨Storing leftovers in the fridge. Again, this is a scarcity and hoarding mentality that there won't be enough for tomorrow. It's not to say waste food, so buy what you need, and use what you've got. There's no need for excess or greed.
Start making small changes now and know that you have to do some things short term until you can transition to a life that you want.
Because hey... if you’ve always done things the way you’ve always done things, you will always get what you’ve always gotten.
Transformation at the highest level requires CHANGE. Changing form. Meaning you’re going to have to do things a heck of a lot differently now.
Have the most beautiful weekend

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