Why it's NOT "working"..

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020
I’ve got a little secret to share.
If you put EXTRA onto ordinary, you become extraordinary, and trust me, you were never created to be “ordinary”... “basic”.... “boring AF”... and “average”.
Have you tried everything and it’s just “not working”?
Well, there could be ONE missing component to the equation the you’re missing.
You can’t fake it and the reason it’s “not working” is you’re trying to please others at the expense of your own authentic soul.
💫You’d rather blend in then stand out.
💫You’d rather stay quiet then speak up.
💫You’d rather wear back and blend in.
💫You’d rather conform then pull up your big girl pants, do the work and go your own way.
Sooner or later that caged up animal that you’re keeping locked up is going to have this hunger for life and freedom.
Sooner or later the pain of being someone you’re not becomes SO burdensome that it’s much easier to just be your yourself despite the self doubt, and the fear.
When I started speaking my authentic voice to help women transform their lives, I too had so much fear, self-doubt and insecurity of what others would think of me.
Am I too much?
Was that too harsh?
Will my truth offend someone?
Who do you think you are?
It’s painful keeping yourself locked up and dimmed down simply because you’ve spent your entire life wanting to be “liked” and “approved” by others.
It’s painful trying to be someone you’re not.
It’s painful doing the work on yourself to overcome you’re insecurities and fears.
It’s painful sometimes putting yourself out there day after day hoping to make a difference in the world that is so filled with haters.
But it’s MORE painful staying locked up inside and feeling half dead every goddamn day.
It’s not working for you because you’re not even be the REAL version of you.
You’re being a half assed, ordinary version of you.
Deep down you know it.
Deep down you feel it.
Deep down is your authentic truth but the hardest work is believing it.
For when you start showing up fully authentic some people won’t like it and that’s okay.
The important thing is that you like you and that you’re waking up happy, healthy and more alive than the rest of the world, because you’re the one who has to live with yourself every day.
Don’t doubt that greatness inside of you, there’s no other option.
Have the most beautiful day.

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