Why do I struggle sticking with a healthy lifestyle?

Nov 26, 2019

Why do I struggle sticking with a healthy lifestyle?

If I wanted to be healthy, happy, and feel great in my skin, why couldn’t I commit????

That was a question I’d always ask myself. For years and years I’d want to make a change, and then after the newness wore off I’d quit. Then I’d justify all the reasons WHY it wasn’t important and why it didn’t “work”.

Well I can tell you successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don’t, and it didn’t work likely because you didn’t DO the work or you kept quitting.... OR you were doing something that you couldn’t sustain and deprived yourself of all life.

It’s been nearly 2 decades since I overcame my battle with obesity and kept it off.

Fitness wasn’t actually part of my regular routine until I made it my business and became the CEO of my own personal development and wellness company. Totally worked to keep me accountable to my life and I know I need a body that helps me thrive now. So I show up.

I know what the alternative felt like, and I won’t go back. 👉 I can tell you, no one had ever changed their life, and said “I regret doing that”.. Not one single person.

But if you don’t learn a lifestyle change... your weight is going to come back on. Hence why diets and deprivation won’t EVER work... hence why building a body for a season or a photo shoot is silly.

Do what you can sustain. Mine includes:

Working out, eating healthy, being positive, drinking water, getting sleep, meditation, date nights with hubby, sushi, wine and chocolate with besties..It’s hard work to change your life.

Embarrassment, Shame, Guilt would sink in every time. Gym memberships went unused. Stroller fit classes that went to waste. After I was done running the 5K, I’d stop and go back to my old complacent ways.

I remember even going to a trainer once, and after I stopped going, I severed all communication. It wasn’t their fault. It was ME.

I was embarrassed that I kept letting myself down, and the frustration would eat away at me.

What I found out was that its impossible to feel good about yourself, when you’re so busy feeling less than. Worrying about how others think of you, and beating yourself up every day.

So if you’ve failed. If you want something and you can’t commit. Congratulations… You’re normal, and this is hard.

1️⃣Take baby steps and be okay with the journey never ending. So many put deadline dates and when they don’t happen as soon as you’d hope you will always feel not good enough. Stop it.

2️⃣What can you do differently TODAY? Can you pack a healthy lunch? Can you say no to that office lunch? Can you cut out 1 sugar at morning drive thru. Can you drink more water. Can you get over yourself and ask for help.

3️⃣Stop worrying about other people and what THEY think of you. I can guarantee they aren’t thinking about YOU as much as you think they are. They are busy changing their own life.. Like YOU should be doing.

4️⃣Those doctors, teachers, trainers, coaches, mentors are NOT responsible for your success. YOU ARE. Those people are there to help you, and success or failure is on you. Stop blaming, and look in the mirror and take ownership and responsibility for your own actions, or lack of INACTION. It’s all on you sis.

5️⃣Make it your new hobby to be healthy. Make it fun. Start looking at what you could gain. Be honest, and be okay with finding what DOES work for the season of your life. Workouts from home work for me... I’m busy. I don’t have time for anything else.

6️⃣ Trade striving for arriving. You’re here TODAY. In this beautiful body of yours TODAY. You’re not your body. So stop abusing and attacking yourself. That mental stress you place on yourself affects your emotional health and will raise your cortisol levels. It doesn’t feel good... so stop abusing you deserve better. MIND. 💫BODY. 💫SOUL.💫 package deal.

You deserve to feel good today. Not 15 pounds from now. BE good with where you are today, and simply get up and try to become a better person than you were yesterday. The JOURNEY to be your highest self, has no end date. Diets do.

Sometimes all it takes is one ☝️ more try to finally get it right, but know that the real work happens in the kitchen.

Sometimes all it takes you leaning in to help, and being open to love. Sometimes it requires your participation and authenticity. Sometimes it takes YOU being REAL with you, getting over your damn self, then taking it one day at a time and having the courage to begin again.

You’ve got this. Find a bigger WHY. Find a reason. This is your life and happiness here, and one day you won’t be here. No point in walking around “living”... but feeling half dead on the inside right?

It’s worth the investment into yourself.

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