What Matters Most

life after divorce mindset motivation postpartum depression single parenting Dec 12, 2018
8 years ago. My baby boy. Don’t you think Elliott looks like Easton? I do.

❤️Jeans : 50 cents.. USED…at a Mommy sale.
💚Onesie and Hat: $2 - Dollarama

The first year I was a single mom. The first Christmas I was alone. $2.50 to dress my little guy and he’s perfect!

TODAY… In a world full of matching “perfect outfits”, 🙄conspicuous consumption, and “happy perfect”, I simply want to remind you of something this holiday season.

It doesn’t matter how “perfect” your outfits were, if they even matched or how much you spent on them. Me.. I still think I win every time I dress my kids for under $5 or buy second hand.... 👉 This mama still refuses to get caught up in buying THINGS... or getting sucked in to keeping up with the Jones’.

What matters?? LOVE. 🙏❤️Memories. LIVING LIFE.. and not faking perfect.

Promise....You’ll look back on the hard seasons of life and remember you MADE IT. That it wasn’t always happy and perfect, but you made it and it didn’t matter what you wore. You LIVED. You loved. You made memories, and you’re smiling in the end.

The holidays might not always be a happy time for most. In fact when I was a single momma with no money the LAST thing I wanted to see was “perfect”… and over consumption.

I like to believe it’s NEVER too late for a happy ending.. and that’s the beautiful thing about life…

Our happy ending comes because WE DECIDE to take ownership over our past, and get busy creating the ENDING we truly know and feel deep within our hearts that we DESERVE.


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