What is YOUR WHY?

Mar 08, 2019

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, and on Monday we just launched the ULTIMATE lifestyle nutrition program.  HEALTH FIRST, and I’m blessed to be able to coach women from all over Canada, US and the UK!

I take my job as a mom, and as a health coach very seriously. We are in a health crisis here.  Over 70% of the population is OBESE, and the average person consumers over 150 POUNDS of sugar a year. Children today consumer OVER 30 tsps of SUGAR DAILY.


She was born a perfect creation.  She was born without anxiety, without depression. She as born healthy.


If you were to ask my daughter why we stay active, she would say, it is to be healthy.

If you were to ask my daughter the difference between healthy food, versus treats that happen on occasion, she’d tell you.


She doesn’t eliminate food groups.  She enjoys bread, pasta, fruit, and she loves cupcakes too. 

She doesn’t hop on the scale and weigh herself

She doesn’t count calories or obsess over numbers


She has no clue what size her pants are


She doesn’t compare herself to others

She doesn’t pop pills.


She doesn’t move because she’s trying to burn 400 calories


She doesn’t drink fat burning shakes

She doesn’t skip meals


She doesn’t spew HATE or judge others

She doesn’t call herself fat, ugly and gross


She doesn’t obsessively strive for MORE things in her life


She doesn’t eat low fat, or diet food

She doesn’t DO these things because THE APPLE.. doesn’t fall from the tree.

So yes my beautiful friends, HEALTH FIRST, and I’ll continue to show up.

WHY?  Because it matters, and I KNOW I’ve still got A LOT of work to do!

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