What does it really take?

Nov 10, 2020

Rise and Shine!


I am 100% sure, that sounds a hell of a lot better than “hit Snooze, complain, rush around and work harder for the same pay year after year, and place your future in the hands of others who just show up when they “feel like it”, or when the grid moves.


So, what does it really take?


Well a new mindset and a vision would be magical, and then you’re going to stand firm in your conviction to wake up and go get it.


There’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind.


Start speaking some truth to your life with some better statements, for in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God. All things were created through him, and apart from him, not one thing was created. (John 1)


So, there you have it.  If you’re at war with yourself, and not listening to that little whisper from within calling you higher in life, and you’re choosing to hit snooze, stay, settle, not ask for help. That’s 100% on you sis.  You can take that up with your maker at the end of your life.


Repeat after me.


  • I don’t have to work hard for what I need everything flows to me and success chases me.


  • All of my desires, needs, and wants are met


  • Gods wealth and abundance is flowing in me.


  • I am an unlimited source of inspiration, motivation, love, patience, and I am a vessel of good.


  • I have all I need. I have more than enough. I am more than enough. I am so blessed.


  • I give, give, give and remove my need to get. I receive all of my riches from an unlimited source from within


  • I am free to choose. I am happy. I am healthy. I am unique I am one with God.


Oh, and don’t think for a hot minute you can just lay there wish, pray, hope for a better life.


No, you still gotta get your ass up and do something to build that better life.


God doesn’t work that way, and there are no free handouts in the real world. It’s called listen to yourself, trust yourself, believe in yourself, then get your ass up and make it happen.


Got it?


Wake up and take the first step towards doing something magical in your life. If you’re not so busy, being busy, you can hear all the answers within.


But hey, most are just “too busy” to not slow down long enjoy to listen, hence why their life still sucks.


Don’t let that be you, for the goal would be to have more time, living a life you actually love waking up to.


Today. list out your 10 big dreams for your life, and before you to bed tonight, list them out again. 


Your bedtime routine is just as powerful as your morning routine, so write out how amazing you are, that you’re one of a kind, that you did amazing things today, (that likely went unnoticed by yourself), and be sure to get a clear visual in your mind, find pictures on the internet, to see your dream.


You’re about to marinate your subconscious for 8 hours and trust me, you don’t need to be wasting it mindlessly.  Get intentional about the cries whispering out to you.


They won’t stop until you’re living the dream, not waking up living a nightmare that you don’t actually love to wake up to every day.

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